Just A Mile Down The Road

There´s a new restaurant recently opened so we went to give it the taste test. Taken from the upstairs terrace, these glorious views aren´t officially on the menu, but deserve to be. Oh and the food was good too.  

Med to the left…

2016-07-05 19.58.39

Next to..

2016-07-05 19.57.46

Distant mountains to the right with one of the two luxury hotels in view, each of which are over a mile apart…

2016-07-05 19.58.33

Also note the world´s biggest not busy roundabout in the foreground, beautifully manicured with a perfect road surface…

2016-07-05 19.58.23

So the good news is the food´s excellent, and they have a wider choice than the other two restaurants close by.

The bad news for the latter is it´s certainly taking their trade away, they too have nice food and lovely views. But even with the powsh “second home brigade” settling in for summer, there’s not enough of us to fill them all…!  

God I´m so glad we´re nowhere near Benny´s Dorm…

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