Missing Mosquitoes

No, I don’t mean I´m missing them,, far from it…! There just don´t seem to be as many out and about feeding off people this year.

Dave can boast that he´s a “mozzie magnet” yet so far he´s only been bitten four times, and the score for me is just twice. Not a one of them caused any lumps or bumps, all just flat to the skin with hardly any, or no itching. Weird…

So I´ve come up with a theory that actually makes sense:

Because of the zika virus, “hotspot hangouts” of theirs have been sprayed with mozzie killer. For example wooded areas and even palm trees.

End result, there aren´t many about anywhere, and those that have survived are weak and frail. I don´t know if this applies to all of Spain, probably not. But it might be a good idea to start putting signs up such as:

“Almost stamped out…”

missing mosquitoes

“As good as it gets?”

On a par with blue flag beaches, there could be blue flag mozzie areas. Well it´s just a thought…

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