Sticky Laptop Syndrome

Costa Blanca Laptops are quite happy to faithfully sit on your knees outside in the shade. They like to be close to humans, but they, like us don´t like sitting in direct sunlight. Smothering them in sunscreen with a good watering down might not be a good idea either.

Consequently, even in the shade of 34 degrees C at the moment everyone´s happy, except for one small thing…

Sweaty fingers = sticky keyboard surface, and SLS occurs. Occasionally the whole hand falls victim to the electronic version of a Venus fly trap:


2016-08-02 15.40.38 

Suddenly a simple phrase such as “The cat sat on the mat” turns into *234567wweryuo9++sxfghñ´ç1163+ xd,060nm,ei

Honestly you have to learn a whole new way of typing,, oh, and the swipe pad turns into a stutter pad.

Meanwhile back in the real world, even at home we live outside. All houses here have a “Continue the ceiling from inside to outside and turn the walls into arches”  theme. 

So here I sit, under the shade of the arches…

2016-08-02 16.04.17

2016-08-02 16.05.02

With sun canopy beyond…

2016-08-02 16.04.50

Stuck to my laptop…

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