The Thing From Outer Spain

There we were, innocently sat outside in the steamy heat of 1am when we noticed this thing sat on the wall:

Never seen anything like it before, and it wasn´t a cicada because they´re quite pretty…

2016-08-03 23.54.55


2016-08-03 23.56.37

Our Spanish neighbours heard us both doing the UGH thing and came round to have a look. Even they weren´t sure about it and went through a process of eliminating BUG names. After much deliberation they determined it was some kind of weevil. Thankfully not an evil weevil, even though it looked like one.

By invading our personal space this armour plated intruder meant it must be a Death Wish Weevil. My feather duster would´ve reached it, but even with fears cast aside,, NO WAY…

As usual in Spain, this in itself was cause for celebration, any excuse will do, even a critter on the wall meant we got an invitation to go round and have a drink with the neighbours. The 43% proof whisky and 40% proof something else were placed on the table. But none of us drank any,, death wish of a different kind. G & T all round instead.

So we sat outside their house, put the world to rights between us and finally wandered out of their gates at 3.30am… With “Collee” their gorgeous little dog following us {in stealth mode} for a good old nosy round inside Casa Sangria…

Critter update: It had buggered off when we got up this afternoon morning… Phew…

2 thoughts on “The Thing From Outer Spain

  1. I think it falls into the generalized category of cricket. In my world crickets are any insect that appears as though it could make noise with its back legs. Therefore, a cowboy wearing spurs is a cricket.

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  2. He might have to do an Irish Jig to get the full effect,, but without being careful it could be the end of his effects. Daren’t even mention two guns hanging down either side, oops just did.


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