The Huge Wildfire Too Close To Home Part Two

Continuing yesterdays dramatic report, the fire and rescue helicopter arrived, and what an entrance it made. Ready,, tres, dos, uno,, ACTION.

We heard it in the distance flying so low and fast, first instinct was to run for cover!

The crew were obviously looking for somewhere to safely land and flew over us about five times. We had to SHOUT to hear each other.

“It´s like something out of a movie!”


2016-08-09 14.55.14

Eventually it landed on the road next to all the police cars. Couldn´t get a photo of it sat on the ground because it was hidden by trees that were still standing. A bowser was attached and off it flew…

2016-08-09 15.02.50

We wondered where it was going to get water from, the sea is out of the question, resistance could drag a helicopter under. A friend of ours told us they would use the canal that carries irrigation water, about two miles inland from here.

The source was controlled but still ablaze down in the valley…

2016-08-09 15.10.33

This is how it was eventually snuffed out…

2016-08-09 15.16.10

Every time water flew from the skies there was lots of cheering and applause. Some people were even on Skype sharing the event…!

2016-08-09 15.22.06

This was how close it was to houses, flying over a different valley just to the right of us. About 100 yards from our front door…

2016-08-09 15.27.30

It came in from both directions, a total of six times…

2016-08-09 15.16.28

The fire was almost out at this point, and the Med was partially in view again…

2016-08-09 15.02.31

The aftermath mess on our drive…

2016-08-09 14.28.22

And the front terrace…

2016-08-09 14.28.42

Thankfully, by the time these dead embers flew up our road they weren´t alight anymore, and we could still smell smoke the day after. No complaints though…

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