Going To Germany

Two days time and we´ll be there visiting our son, his wife, and their two cheeky little chappies. So I´m busy running round doing all the last minute stuff whilst negotiating the cost of rental space in Dave´s suitcase… It happens every time.

“Can I put this in your suitcase?”

“Do you really need to take {this, that, the other?}”


“I mean we´re only going for {however long}”

“The answer´s still Yep.”

“10 euros per square inch then…”

{Naughty swear word}

Re-arrange re-arrange and so on, I have to say the cost of “suitcase space rental” has risen considerably over the years,, hmm…

Luggage chaos aside, the last time we saw them was earlier this year in the UK, we´d all gone there for a big family event, and it was the first time we met their youngest son.

Aww, happy with daddy at the local park…

2016-04-30 15.06.18

Mum with both son´s and cousin Jake on the right, driving a vehicle from outer space…

2016-04-30 15.10.04

Their eldest son speaks perfect German and English since he learned to talk:

“Grandma, Grandma, look, I can play pool like daddy…”

2016-05-03 19.10.01

Even though we´ve been to Germany several times. This flight will be the first one in the history of us going anywhere in the world, whereby the UK isn´t involved in departures or arrivals.

Think I might celebrate this inaugural situation with one of those overpriced, under-sized plastic bottles of champagne on the way.

So Adios dear reader,, temporary “blog shut down siesta” starts from now.

Blimey, I bet that´s a relief for ya…!

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