How To Make A Fool Of Yourself At 40,000 Feet In The Sky

But first, some pretty photos of take off and fall down touchdown.

Ascending up from Dusseldorf airport:

Auf Wiedersehen beautiful Germany…

2016-08-25 09.38.08

Loved every minute spent with our son and his family down there somewhere…

2016-08-25 09.38.54

2016-08-25 09.38.29

Descending down to Alicante airport:

Ola beautiful Spain…

2016-08-25 11.36.02

The River Vinalopo in Alicante Province. It flows from north to south, and into the Med…

2016-08-25 11.42.07

Sun, Sea and Land…

2016-08-25 11.43.25

Clear blue sky all the way home. 1,908 kilometres from D to A.

However, aside from the glorious views outside, there was a humorous realisation inside.

We were two Brits going home to Spain, on a German plane full of German holidaymakers going temporarily to Spain. Complicated? It gets worse…

Continuing the theme, I spoke my bestest Spanish to the German air hostess. {Which “translated” meant an English person was talking to a German person in Spanish, and a German person was talking English to,, a Spanish person???} 

So I sat there all proud of myself awaiting a Spanish reply, but she didn´t know the language, no-one did. We were the only Spanish British people on the plane… {Ohhh sh*t, revert to Plan B} Except there wasn´t one…  

So in order to preserve any further embarrassment to myself, the passengers, and the crew of the plane. I spoke English with a Spanish accent. Even went so far as to pretend a few words were either m*****g or just plane plain alien to me. 

“Row 18, window seat, give her a swerve when we roll out the drinks trolley…”

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