Two Brits In The Sunset

Yes, I´m wondering if I should change the name of the blog to “Two Brits In The Sunset.” Sounds good, but it kind of narrows down available content to about an hour per day, so perhaps not.

Even so, this somewhat limited idea originates from posting many of my own spectacular sunset photos on here recently, {blow your own trumpet Heather} except all credit goes to the sun posing on the catwalk horizon.

So just to shake things up a bit, this post consists of last night´s weather story first. My phone kindly informed me of what was about to happen in advance, top of a screen full of black cloud sat an amber warning for thunder, lightening, RAIN (the brain cell couldn´t compute that one) and, wait for it, HIGH WINDS up to all of 14mph. You read that right, 14mph is the equivalent of gale force here. The temperature still hung around 24 degrees C, but felt like 18, how utterly dreadful is that at 11pm?

Under such extreme circumstances (perhaps one night per year) the Spanish hunker down and mass evacuation to indoors from outdoors occurs. With all window shutters down they unwillingly sit and wait it out. I´ve come to the conclusion they must be allergic to rain. As for cars, well it´s quite obvious they all have rain sensors which means the engine won´t start.

Meanwhile us two twerps sat outside “under the arches” where it´s nice and dry to watch the dramatic spectacle which lasted all of one full hour. {We´re not allergic yet} As the thunder and lightening meandered into the distance it was quite disappointing really, we were hoping for an all nighter. I was even ready to slap a few sandwiches together and bring out a flask of whisky. No chance.

However, it was a thousand times better than watching TV, good job really because the power stayed on but the TV signal went off. Wi Fi survived, but sadly it wasn´t capable of streaming Monty Python on Youtube, (wouldn´t be able to hear it anyway, even with headphones on).

The last time we experienced anything like it was here. September last year, I was stupid enough to venture out on the front terrace in warm rain and take photos of the event. On the upside it meant there was no need for an indoor shower the next day. Oh, and it only lasted an hour that time too.

So is this the start of the big cool down? It´s not as hot as August anymore,, could there be something called “snow and ice” around the corner? Well no, we´re back up to 27 degrees C today in the shade, going up to 28 on Saturday and continuing the theme from the 10 day forecast. At this time of year it means around 32 / 33 degrees in the sun. {Brrrrr}

One of our son´s is coming from the UK to see us for 8 days in early October, no doubt the temperature will be a pleasant shock to the system for him! **Hello Neil, dad´s inside cleaning the downstairs toilet for you, just thought you might like to know that nugget of info. We´re saving the rest of the house for you to do when you get here xxx**

Away from the throne, here´s some sunset photos, from a colourful night last week. All I did was point, click, and swoop the camera round. The outcome: Several different sunsets merged into one sky,, at the same time.

In the distance.

2016-09-17 20.15.22

Closer to the sun.

2016-09-17 20.20.51

Somewhere in the middle.

2016-09-17 20.20.01

2016-09-17 20.15.54

No comparison to the freak alien black of last night!

2 thoughts on “Two Brits In The Sunset

  1. Wonderful pics. We don’t get many Sunsets because our horizon is not vast and while they are there; we just can’t really see them. I miss the Sunsets of the desert. ~~dru~~


    1. Some of the sunset and daytime sunny photos I’ve taken are truly dramatic, no expert photographic skills required at all, big sky is the key. I remember many years ago when we lived in the suburbs of England, there was no such sight (or even light) to be seen and sodium street lights meant even the stars of night were invisible. I bet sunsets in the desert were awesome too.
      Thanks for following, I like your style of writing and tell it like it is too!!


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