The Belated Birthday Blog Post

Dave´s birthday blog post. Good grief it was a week ago? October 1st, and what a night!

CAUTION: Romantic photos on display. 

Aside from the birthday itself, day out, meal out, (as per norm on a regular basis) nothing planned, there´s no such thing. Yet it ended up with ten of us boogying on down good style at our local bar.

That´s how it works, none of our friends are in there every night, none of us need to be, but guaranteed there´s always someone we know well and vice versa. A close circle of friends here is wider than in a previous life on the treadmill, and spontaneity is the word. Sorta blows the common idea of all expats being drunk day and night out the water, those people are but a minority. Friendship and a dam good laugh any night of the week is reality. There is no “window in the diary” required.

My own birthday was the same day we flew back from Germany, so I asked Dave what my present was?

Answer: “A plane ticket to Spain,” for most people that would be quite sufficient, well of course it was to me too. It´s always nice going back home to Spain, but I also had Swarovski and the likes of a diamond tiara in mind. So when Dave asked me what I´d got him for his birthday? I told him a plane ticket to England, ha! Payback of the opposite kind.

So after a day of shopping we called in at the bar, and this was the end result:

2016-10-01 23.48.23


2016-10-01 23.47.18

2016-10-01 23.48.13

2016-10-01 23.46.26

Not one to be overstated and all that.

2016-10-01 23.46.45[6]

2016-10-01 23.50.59

2016-10-01 23.50.43

Good mates sat in the corner, us girls were dancing the night away by then.

2016-10-01 23.49.43

The Spanish owners always spoil us on a special occasion, we were given two separate rounds of shots, and a Magnum of Champagne for free!

It was 3am when we got home.

Since then life´s been a blur, getting ready for one of our sons who arrives tomorrow. It´s all worked out that by coincidence, six of us nutters will have 3 sons here at the same time!

And finally, another one of my mum and dad´s expertly chosen birthday cards.

2016-10-04 14.14.04

Right, that´s it, airport run tomorrow in the car with the roof down, night night.

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