A Giant Squid Out Of Water

It was a bit disconcerting that while I was sat eating my calamari tapas, this giant squid appeared and hovered over the table:

2016-09-09 20.32.51

2016-09-09 20.33.13

Came to the conclusion it was lost without a sat nav.

2016-09-09 20.32.19

I’ve been trying to post the following info on here somewhere for ages, but haven’t been able to find any relevance till now. Then again is a flying squid really relevant I ask myself? Oh sod it, continue as planned.

Journalist Mode:

a) About the sky,, there´s been no rain here for over eight months, and it´s officially the longest period of time without any for 70 years. On the Costas our drinking water comes from the Med through desalination plants way out at sea. What comes down from the mountains via a canal system is only used for irrigation of crops. Two years running, extra water supplies have had to be diverted into Benidorm at high season, the bums and tits brigade know nothing of it. Water pressure has not changed in our little area, it blasts out of the taps. But we need more desalination plants across the whole of the coast for in future. There´s a big political ding dong going on at the moment about how much it will costa, and where they will be built.

No facts and figures from Mr Google required, thought I´d write about my own experience of something we´ve all noticed recently:

b) About the environment,, to prevent Zika virus invading, valleys and trees have been sprayed with mozzie repellent. Great for us humans, it´s worked very well! Just the odd weak mozzie left can inflict nothing but a little mark that doesn´t even itch, and disappears the next day. However, along with the mozzies, other critters have also practically disappeared. Examples being moths, butterflies and honey bees {latter two of which are almost extinct across Europe anyway} Also on the downside, dive bombing bluebottles seem to be immune, and further up the food chain lizards have nothing much to eat. Not a great fan of them, but we´ve only seen two this year, tiny little things, just skin and bone. Fortunately the likes of cicadas are unaffected, they still sing their relaxing chorus as LOUD as ever.

Less critters also means there´s less sparrows about too, but at least they can fly further inland. Clever little birds, they all left England and moved somewhere warm years ago. There´s more of them than there are parakeets, not seen many of them either. I´ve given cuty sparrows as an example, because they´re the largest population of birds in these parts. Something that seems at odds to that is when the sun goes down, the number of swifts and bats zooming about has gone up. 

We both got bitten by mozzies good style in Germany recently, fresh meat! Thankfully our son and his family are immune. It´s true what they say about mozzies living in the same country as yourself, after a while they leave you alone and focus on non natives. However, don´t be confused, we still get bit here (not been native long enough). The difference now is, we only notice a bite when we SEE it on an arm or leg. The current total being roughly one per week (each). It’s nice to share. Those that have survived are truly puny and frail.

We’re both still wearing several stunning red marks from German mozzies, not a big deal, but it certainly made me think that northern Europe needs spraying as well. Perhaps not doing so should not depend on distance, perhaps sheer numbers should be a deciding factor? Maybe the mozzies in Spain escaped in advance of being zapped because they heard what was about to happen on social media, {free movement throughout Europe}. If that´s the case, us two got payback!

It´s certainly been a new experience. Nothing to do with global warming, yet we´ve observed how eradicating one species of critter can cause a knock on effect in a very short period of time. However, protecting humans from disease and infection obviously has a higher priority. On the other side of the coin I hope the domino effect stops at lizards. The experts here reckon other species of harmless little critters will increase in numbers and fill the gap. But haven´t many of them been killed too? Pause for thought.

This must be but a mere dot on the horizon compared with what´s happening to eco systems from global warming. Nothing much in the grand scheme of things at all. Hasn´t gone unnoticed though.

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