Our VIP Visitor At Casa Sangria

Our son Neil has been here for an eight day visit, and life in the slow lane suddenly skipped by far too fast. No fuss, no hassle, with several days of quality time together he truly embraced our lifestyle in the sun, then reluctantly got on a plane back to England.

True colours by the Med.

2016-10-11 16.15.33

Dave thrashed us both at crazy golf.


Sat in the back of a convertible.

2016-10-15 14.38.29

Playing pool with dad.

2016-10-14 22.26.53

Father and son.

2016-10-15 19.07.07

Mum and son.

2016-10-15 19.07.59

One day we went for a cruise (by car) further inland round the other side of Alicante. Amazing views but I forgot my phone, no photos. Oh, and we also got lost amidst the mountains. Yes LOST. Well what’s a day trip out worth if there’s no excitement involved? In addition we forgot to pack the climbing gear, tent, and a packed lunch.

I think we were round here somewhere.

2016-08-25 11.34.17

Taken from the plane on our way home from Germany it´s very different on the ground looking up instead of down. The drama surrounds you, and the road ahead cutting through the mountains appears to just come to a full stop in the distance.

It took us about four hours to finally land on our driveway. I´d highly recommend the particular route we took, except I don´t have a clue where it was. Bet we´d never find it again either! 

Coming up tomorrow: How to lose yourself on a racing track.

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