Meanwhile Down At The Go Karts Racetrack

When we took Neil to Go Karts Orihuela Costa, I just knew the macho rivalry thing would set in. All our offspring possess a winning streak wherever sport and gaming prowess are concerned. If total success doesn´t present itself, there´s two different modes of reaction:

a) Sulk and make excuses that go on for hours.

b) Much more likely, take the p*ss out of each other for days on end.

When Dave won at both Crazy Golf and Pool, Neil reckoned the Crazy Golf surface was too fast,, and the pool table had recently been re-covered (hence too slow). I mean it´s not like Dave´s been practicing in secret, but all excuses were well justified weren´t they? Hmm.

When our other son Liam heard the news it made his day, and he made Neil PAY by using the b) Take the p*ss method big style.

Basically it´s quality banter fun with points scored evenly unevenly.

But Go Karting was different, the stakes were much higher. Neil was under pressure to impress both dad, mum, and Liam good style. Forget the track being too fast or too slow, oh no, no. The only excuse for not finishing first would have to be pretend engine failure, which still wouldn´t be good enough to prevent a good p*ss take of epic proportions. Probably make it worse!

So here´s a few photos which don´t really prove anything, but the score sheet does.

Ready for the off, Neil fixing the speed governor.

2016-10-14 16.06.46   

Big track with SMOOTH surface.

2016-10-14 16.08.16

Take off.

2016-10-14 16.09.45

Lapping dad.

2016-10-14 16.10.18

…While he was dawdling along counting tyres.

2016-10-14 16.16.00

Neil on a bender.

2016-10-14 16.15.11

Dave in the same place but not in the same race.

2016-10-14 16.15.19

About to lap someone else? Alas it did not happen.

2016-10-14 16.11.09

Past the finish line.

2016-10-14 16.17.57

Who won and lost the race, no surprise there.

2016-10-14 16.21.45


2016-10-14 16.22.37

Ten fastest winners of the day. Neil´s in at number 4 and please note the David at the top was a different David.

2016-10-14 18.33.10

Consequently my David could´ve lied about it and created a family meltdown,, except a 14 second time difference between the two same names sort of tells it all.

Away from the limelight and glory, our son was gracious enough to acknowledge a small factor that had to be taken into consideration. SIZE MATTERS.

Neil´s kart had a  400CC Honda engine.

Dave´s kart had a 270CC lawn mower engine.

No excuses required, except I think he kept that quiet, so now he´s going to need some. He He.

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