The Lonely Cicada

When this cicada crash landed in our garden, we could only assume friends and family considered it to be a reject and disowned it. Perhaps it couldn’t sing / chirp in tune.

The poor thing was so disorientated it dive-bombed a tree in the garden, then tried to move into onto the table.

2016-10-04 14.58.06

2016-10-04 14.56.36

So what were we supposed to do? The darn thing wouldn´t budge an inch, wasn´t scared at all and we didn´t want to hurt it. With us two sat either side, it was obviously wondering if we might adopt it. After about an hour or so of it watching us, and us watching it, I wondered if we were supposed to ring the RSPCA? {Royal Society of Cicada Adoption}

To cut a short story even shorter, boredom must´ve set in and it flew off next door, phew what a relief, let them deal with it.      

I like cicadas, even though they´re ugly to look at, the exotic song they sing together is wonderful. But not when it comes from about 10 foot outside the front door and sings out of tune.

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