Two Brits Went Into A Bar

Out and about on our travels recently, we came across a bar with a very strange interior design. The walls were plastered with various eye catching objects, including eyeball popping signs. Interesting wall art indeed.

The owner reckoned it was next year´s entry for “The alternative ideal bar exhibition.”

A guitar on the wall between the subtle names for bogs toilets.

2016-10-14 22.23.14

Wonky pictures.

2016-10-14 22.22.17

A clock that rocks.

2016-10-14 22.38.23

I suppose if you´ve had one too many pints of beer everything might look nice and straight. The main area of non focus.

As for hens and cocks, well that’s the local wildfowl catered for, so where the heck do humans go? Perhaps there´s a farmyard out the back.

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