The Spider Bite From Hell

It´s a rare thing to see a spider here, but the effects of a bite from an invisible jumping arachnid is worse than that of an invisible mozzie. It´s happened to me twice this year, to be fair the first one was in Germany.

Health and safety warning: Anyone with a sensitive nature should look away now. I cannot be held responsible for a Wi-Fi enabled device being bazzed across the floor.

Detailed analysis of symptoms:

  1. The initial itch mimics a mozzie bite.
  2. The burn doesn´t resemble a mozzie bite. {Probably not a mozzie then}
  3. A water blister appears, sometimes more than one in a crowd. {Definitely not a mozzie}
  4. The surrounding skin turns a reddish grey colour, radius of about two inches.
  5. The blister goes BLACK and forms a crust. {Cringe}
  6. Scratch the crusty bit off and ANOTHER blister re-appears!
  7. Which creates ANOTHER crusty bit.
  8. By this time the crusty bit can be scratched off to bare skin that heals properly while the itching continues.
  9. A scar appears and can take up to a month to fade away completely.


The first time it happened I thought there might be a spiders nest inside. So I popped the blister to see what the score was, and after careful inspection no eggs fell out.

My ankle at stages 3 and 4 today.

2016-10-20 02.21.14

You really needed to know this didn´t you? Hope you´re not eating a meal, but it´s such a good YUK photo I couldn´t resist. He He.

9 thoughts on “The Spider Bite From Hell

  1. Thanks for the sympathy lol. No, really it´s just a little red circle now, will stay like that for a while though but never mind. I won´t even attempt to describe what the outcome was when a visitor here went for “a nice walk in a valley” Not being local she didn´t know that some beautiful valleys are off limits, too dangerous because of critters. She stepped on a nest of fire ants and didn´t know the emergency services number… A friend of ours rang for an ambulance as we watched her legs swell up and look like they were on fire. It happened quick, the ambulance was there within two minutes by which time her skin was beginning to crack, OUCH!! Ended up in hospital on an antibiotic drip. Oh my, I´m full of happy stories this week!!


  2. I am fairly certain that I have probably had a spider bite at some point in my life. I try not to think about it. When I lived in Phoenix, I used to always be on the lookout for scorpions. Trust me, you don’t want to get stung by one of those things. Glad you are feeling better, Heather.

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    1. They reckon there´s scorpions here too, but I haven´t seen one, or gone looking lol. Yes the spider bite´s healing nicely but I´m a walking disaster zone at the moment. Couple of days ago I was messing about with a plant in the garden. Next door to it there´s a palm tree… Don´t ask…! Now I´m wearing a blister on my eyelid…

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  3. You sound like my husband. This past summer was horrible for him. He got stung by hornets and then he contracted poison ivy so bad that it went into his muscle and left scarring. Nature is a cruel woman.


    1. Oh my, both must be horrible and painful. Certainly puts a spider bite or a “prodding palm” in perspective! While on this pain filled subject, Dave can boast that he´s a mozzie magnet, except they turn the surrounding skin black. Not a pretty sight lol.

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      1. Yuck…..when I was growing up, I never used to get mozzie bites. Now that I am older, I am a magnet. Guess my chemistry changed. Maybe if I ply myself full of moscato, at least they will be drunk mozzies.

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