Spot The Spider

I never thought it possible to create two spider blog posts one after the other. But evidently it is.

There´s a big build up to Halloween here, days in advance of the BIG event every shop / bar / restaurant / whatever, is well prepared.

Last night we´d been out for a meal and I discovered that even pristine toilets are vulnerable to being decorated with fake cobwebs and spiders. I can only assume the Spanish are becoming even more entangled with the concept than ever before.

So whilst innocently hovering over the loo, I looked up and there sat Sinbad also hovering in front of the mirror watching me. Top quality fake, I´ve heard the phrase “Falling off your chair laughing” but this was more a case of “Falling off the bog in shock.”

Had nobody thought of grandma Ethel staggering in there, pulling down her bloomers and having a heart attack?

Even worse: “Find the mirror” while trying to rearrange your hairdo and slap more war paint on.

2016-10-26 21.45.36

2016-10-26 21.46.09

I´ve just noticed even my T-shirt looks like a spider web, all that and I´m still wearing a REAL spider bite too.

Note: Even more perplexing is, there´s beautifully decorated fake Christmas trees in the shops already. One particular outlet has skipped Halloween altogether and gone straight for Yuletide. Forget cobwebs, the place is plastered with twinkly LED lights, baubles, tinsel, and pretty dingly dangly things.

Anyway, back on the subject of spiders,, no forget it. However, from now till November I will scan any toilet walls previous to stepping through the door. Unfortunately most “toilet rooms” have motion sensors for lighting up the place, so a big long stick (or a daring friend) would be required.

5 thoughts on “Spot The Spider

  1. Well, this is Spain so there’s parties everywhere! We’ve been invited to one but I ain’t dressing up for the occasion!


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