Thunder And Lightening Spanish Style

Thunder and lightening was forecast along with an amber warning. So call this post a “back cast” because I haven´t had time to write it till now. {Been far too obsessed with spiders in recent days}

The spectacular outcome was an extremely rare occasion, and the temperature temporarily plunged to all of 20 degrees C. Thermal clothing, woolly hats, scarves, and jumpers were required, except we haven´t got any. However ball gowns dressing gowns worked a treat.

We could hear the thunder for about three hours before it actually arrived. Nothing moves fast here,, it´s not allowed. Afterwards there was a lot of SHOUTING going on because everyone went deaf.

So here´s proof that it actually happened. Unfortunately I didn´t get any photos of the lightening, it was way over the speed limit even for sports mode:

2016-10-20 18.08.51

2016-10-20 18.09.41

Free tile cleaning service.

2016-10-20 18.10.03

2016-10-20 18.10.30

Our little road river.

2016-10-20 18.11.17

2016-10-20 18.12.26

There are no road drains or ugly gutters and drainpipes on houses because 364.8 days per year there´s no need. Heavy rain like this flows from gardens to roads, which drain off into valleys. 


  1. Lasted one hour then buggered off out to sea.
  2. Within half an hour later, still no sun, everywhere was drying up fast.
  3. The birds started singing.
  4. The temperature zoomed up to 26 degrees C, the wind dropped right off, and warm humidity set in.
  5. The cicadas chirped up.
  6. The odd car with a faulty rain sensor allowed an engine to start.
  7. Shops / bars opened their doors to the public.
  8. Shutters were rolled up from the down position. 
  9. No change in temperature, still 26 at 2am in the morning when we went to bed thoroughly exhausted. It´s hard work watching a thunderstorm.

So far this year we´ve had a sum total of four hours heavy rain on four different days. Well it´s just not good enough, I´ll have to file an official complaint to the Spanish Met Office.

“Hola! I´m from Britain where it never rains!”

Howling gale force laughter.

7 thoughts on “Thunder And Lightening Spanish Style

  1. So amusing, Heather. I have lived in Phoenix, AZ which is a desert climate. Whenever it rained, people would go crazy and forget how to drive. Like you stated, you are living in heat, why on earth would you ever need winter garb or a raincoat? Nice read! Lovely house.

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    1. Thanks Susan, must be very hot there. Just another observation, bet most people passed their driving test without ever having driven in rain. I mean if a lesson was scheduled and the heavens opened, not only would the car not start, the roads would be closed off anyway!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Astute observation, Heather and very funny. Phoenix was the capital in all of America for the most red lights run. Frightening considering alcoholism was extremely high in that state. I did love living there though.


      2. I was living in the NE where it is freezing in the winter but now I am in the SE where there is snow but you wouldn’t know it if you stepped outside today. 80 degrees. I am ready for beanies and sweaters.

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