From Blogger To WordPress

I wasn’t even going to write about this bloggers decision to move elsewhere in the stratosphere, after all it’s good content that matters, well it’s supposed to be!

For example, here´s a very interesting photo of a brick wall out of focus.

2016-10-29 21.56.18 

Yes, supposed to be…

For several reasons I felt smug about my move today, freedom to blog without having to mess about behind the scenes to keep things propped up. So here´s the story:

You may have noticed this week that the page you’re reading from now looks a bit different than before, the same zany humour comes to you wrapped in a different parcel. 

I got bored with Blogspot, and for some time now I’ve considered picking up my blog and plonking it down in WordPress. Previous wanderers reckon it usually takes a blogger several months of thinking about it before actually taking the leap. No exception here,, pondered about it ages ago.

The final straw for me was when Google+ comments suddenly disappeared from all my blogposts. The excellent new concept of “Google+ activity” interacting with ancient BlogSpot was much less than perfect.

Previous to that I recently noticed that less than 30 of the blogger gadgets to choose from were created by Google. The rest are outsourced, created by “Joe Blogger Blogs” and evidently approved by a moron at sub head office tossing caution to the wind. Perhaps a vain effort to impress the boss by saving time, effort, and money?

Sod the fact that estranged gadgets are filled with flaws which appear further down the line, or clash with each other. Responsibility of choice revoked: “Hey, I wasn´t to know THAT would happen.”

Then there’s the other gadgets problem, all of a sudden they disappear and it´s deliberate. Take Google Followers as a fine example. It worked well, bloggers liked it and it was very popular,, then all of a sudden it disappeared from the gadgets list. Bloggers complained but went ignored by the powers that be.

Why? Because the big Google+ takeover had begun. We were all supposed to create an account on there and use the new Google+ followers gadget. I was already on G+ and obediently, unwittingly, added the bug ridden item. They kept an additional complication quiet at first: Make the changeover, and if your original followers were not on G+ they couldn´t comment anymore.    

Even worse, the “Google+ activity” problem (mentioned first) was created by the Google Corporation itself, not a pleb with a degree in playing Tomb Raider.

So while Googling for an answer to the latest gaff, I discovered thousands of people were having the same issue and solutions were elusive. Two hours of wasted research, during which time I decided to be a rebel and take the leap. Years and years worth of my written ramblings and photos being thrown up in the air then landing somewhere else intact? It was nerve wrecking!

Outcome? It took just half an hour to import and set up my blog on WordPress. Done, finished. Social Media friendly it is, just not with Google! By then I didn´t care, I´ll read my Google+ Circles activity direct from the dashboard.

Another bonus is that Gadgets don´t get written off without consent. Even better, there´s no faffing about behind the scenes, it´s all done for you. I particularly like the “related posts” section with photos as links under every blog post. It´s even gone back through EVERY blog post and connected relevant ones automatically. Hey, I didn´t put that there!

Also, Open Live Writer works much better for composing a blog post, it always struggled to download Blogspot templates correctly, which caused problems with formatting. Not so now, because where I type is tailored to the correct page dimensions of the “new look.”

I could rattle on about all sorts of appealing details WordPress has for an ex BlogSpot user, including the added extras considered as norm, most of which BlogSpot just isn´t capable of. In hindsight the technology hasn´t moved on since it´s conception.

So what I will say is, if you´re a blogger who´s thinking of moving on to a space place less complicated by backwards default, with more options and without being dictated to by the fat controller then go for it.

Just one thing to be aware of, opt for the free .com version. Leave the paid for .org version to the big bods in big companies to trip over. The latter requires a different hosting company that costs, and a qualified super computer nerd.

Not necessary for a Joe Blogger or Heather Blogger like me…

So here endeth today´s lesson, Amen.

Coming up tomorrow, some quality content? Well yes, it´s all about knitting patterns, basket weaving, and counting bricks, so stay tuned.

10 thoughts on “From Blogger To WordPress

  1. My advice is don’t leave it for the mandatory 9 months to ponder on. Just go for it, I’ve been using BlogSpot for 10 years. The thought of making the leap to WordPress began when the fat controller became the fat dictator! Unless there’s a major overhaul, totally “re-written,” I suspect BlogSpot itself will be defunct within the next four years tops. The only thing that might prop it up for a while is for beginner bloggers — before they notice or compare the two and wonder.


  2. Well that should prove useful if the need ever arises!
    Actually I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful blog which just occupied a welcome bit of time away from watching our slow descent towards the worse we can be here in the states.
    Spain remains on our short list for our very possible retirement exile plans and it was nice to read of your adventures. This should give me warm reassurance that this indeed can be done, and can be fun in the process.
    Cheers to you and David, Luv. Drinks are on me if we ever meet!
    Jack in FL

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Jack, nice to hear from you, and thanks for the compliment. I feel truly honoured to brighten your day away from the future presidential and countrywide mess to come. What choice have you got for a secure future? None. The huge scale risk of the US in chaos makes Brexit look like a battered farce. (It is and always will be). I mean if it wasn´t splitting the UK in two it would be highly entertaining! You just couldn´t make it up, Stephen Spielberg would be lost for words lol. As an outsider to both disasters, the other leaders in Europe are laughing their asses off at the once “great” Britain. About the US, the outside world sees Mr D Trump a truly insane individual who has somehow, dangerously brainwashed half the American population. Politically incorrect, but he can be likened to Hitler.

      Oh dear, I was supposed to be taking your mind away from it! Sorry!

      Back to our reality, the original plan was to move to FL, our second home for years on end. But the Visa process was a nightmare, lasted anything up to two years, and then it could be delayed or even a NO. Not good when you´re ready to move on, so we found the closest place in Europe that most resembles FL which is here. Weather wise it´s generally a couple of degrees higher at any time of year, and there´s no need to set your clock every day for the warm rain at around 5pm in summer lol. Just two hours “proper” rain (lasted an hour, two different days) all year!

      But like you say the move still can be done, if ever you´re absolutely sure Spain is where you want to be, and you have time before retirement, start the Visa process before you can move on, while you´re still working. It´s the same long process here for anyone outside the EU, meantime you could come here for holidays and choose where you´d like to be. You´ve got nothing to lose. Even though we didn´t need a visa we spent two years research and travelling back and forth before buying our house.

      I would recommend beautiful, peaceful Orihuela to anyone, between the Med and the mountains with forests of green trees (work that out two miles back from the coast!!) If you say “Costa Blanca” to a Brit who either hasn´t been outside Benidorm, or has never been to Spain before. They think the whole coastline is like Benidorm. How sad, they have no idea that place is but a mere 5 square kilometres of land.

      Anyway, food for thought there and nice to hear from you. Mine´s a glass of Cava lol


      1. Any tips / advice about living in Spain, just ask 🙂 Meantime we await what tomorrow brings, Trump might not allow you out!!! Bit like the Brits,, they´re only allowed to go on holiday to Centre Parks now amidst mud and rain lol.


  3. Well, the worse has happened. I’m afraid of what lies ahead and have resolved to diligently explore our three options: Spain, Panama, and Mexico. To that end, we are planning a fortnight in Panama over the Holidays and will visit Spain in May ’17. We have friends in the UK (Fareham) and will visit there as well over our month-long trip.
    I plan to take a good look at the Costa Blanca region. Do you think the Algarve (Portugal) is worth a look as well?
    ..and yes, all contingent on getting out before trump/guiliani close the borders and send us off to de-education camps. This will take time, we are aware. We’ll do our diligence as thorough as we can. We think a rental would be wise for the first year or so and will in turn rent out our home in FL at the same time. Thanks!


    1. I was truly gobsmacked that day when I put the news on. We all were, and felt very sorry for the folks in the US who voted otherwise. Same thing in Britain on a smaller scale. Practically 50% division in both countries. I’m no pessimist but realistically there’s a disaster waiting to happen. I mean just one simple question (example) the “Trumpite’s” should have asked themselves is: When he says he’s going to make working families better off, he does not have a clue what it is to be your average Joe. Totally alien to him. Having said that, so glad we do not live in the UK anymore where, at the moment the powers that be are tangled in knots. Sorry for the poor grammar my Spanish keyboard works fine in English, except this week it has started throwing Spanish accents in words it used to be ok with. Hereñs what doesnñt looks like! Must be the Trump camp hacking the world already lol. Anyway, back to you getting out while you can, well do, other countries in the western world are already making contingency plans to shut the mighty US out. Just as they are with the UK. Yes Portugal is worth a look at, sat next to sleepy Spain, not getting involved or thinking they rule the world!! Only problem I can think of off hand is it’s sat next to the Atlantic, flooding can be a problem on the coast. A bigger issue is because of the Atlantic, average temperature is much lower than Spain. Not much comes in off the Med, the odd sea mist is about as bad as it gets lol. It’s good to hear you have options and are exploring them.


  4. Nice post Heather. I’m on blogspot still. Well I’ve only been blogging three months but I have considered a WordPress move. I don’t think Google even cares about their blogspot and definitely not about their users. Thank you for pointing out all the bad things about blogger. Its also bad at indexing the users blog posts. I’m off to do some WordPress research. 🙂


  5. Hi Lorenza, if you’re serious about a move, do lots of research first. Don’t go for “self hosting” it’s a nightmare process and really only applies to big businesses. They all end with .org and “self hosting” costs 300 plus euros per year!
    The free version tailored mainly for bloggers ends in .com
    Because I have my own domain name “twobritsinspain” I pay 11 euros per year so I can still use that rather than “” but that doesn´t matter at all either way.
    Once you´ve made the move, follow the instructions to pick a theme and then customize it, there´s plenty to choose from. Settings and gadgets are easy to work with and do more! After putting up with Blogspot for years, it´s a relief to me, and learning your way round it is not a big challenge at all.


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