Halloween Howlers Unlimited

These Halloween Howlers come to you after the event itself simply because three days later and three parties later I’m still knackered. Must be getting old, ha!

Last year we spent the day down at the Shopping Mall along with hundreds of scary apparitions.

We were rather conservative this year considering Halloween lasts four nights. Yes FOUR. It’s a bit like Christmas day which lasts TWELVE days here.

So day four in advance we went to the shopping mall, Dave needed some new trainers (necessary) and I needed a new handbag (not necessary) but it happened anyway.

“Oh come on, you don´t need another handbag.”

“Yes I do, to replace that horrible medium size one, you know which one I mean.”

“No idea,, besides you only ever use those small one´s with a strap that goes over your shoulder. What´s wrong with Primark?”

“They don´t do designer labels.”

“Does it matter?”


Good grief he even helped me choose one, but I know it was only to get me out of there before I started eyeing up footwear.

End result: Dave walks out carrying some trainers he´ll wear on a regular basis. I walk out with a costly handbag I´ll probably never use because it´s too big. But it´s the principle that counts.

Note for the menfolk: Never drag your other half into a designer shop that sells posh handbags. {Or shoes}

Meantime on the stage, the kids were having designer face painting done. Practice session for the big day — in three days time. {Yes, stage,, they do rock concerts at the mall while everyone´s throwing cash at tills and wearing cards out} Could only happen in Spain.

Later on we went down the bar, I borrowed some scissors, cut a million labels off and swapped kitchen sink contents over. Then I proudly held the handbag up in the air at Carlos {owner of bar with a wife who owns a thousand of them}.

“Well, what do ya think Carlos, posh new handbag!”

“OH, NO, NO, NO, I see too many all days.” Then he ran off like a scared rabbit.

Day three in advance we gate crashed got invited to a birthday party literally as we walked past the venue. We only vaguely know the birthday girl and were on our way somewhere else at the time, but never mind just go with the flow. And flow it did till the early hours:

2016-10-29 22.03.43

2016-10-29 22.04.25

Day two to countdown was a “rest day” END.

The day itself was a “night to early hours” event with people wandering up and down sporting all kinds of bizarre creations. They even do dressed up clowns here on Halloween, never saw that in Britain, but it probably holds some insignificance.

Shauna in shackles.

2016-10-31 19.11.57

They said I knew them.

2016-10-31 21.15.21

Stick man with an escaped convict.

2016-10-31 21.17.54

So Halloween came and went, then the 1st of November was girly party time. No blokes allowed, six of us round at my best friend´s house and more howling laughter.

The food.

2016-11-01 15.01.03

The erm, colourful dessert.

2016-11-01 15.42.15

I can fully recommend vodka {and something red} shots with Cava, except not the next day.

Well I think that´s Halloween (and beyond) covered. Got another party tonight, some friends of ours are opening their new bar. Oh my goodness I can´t keep up.

Then there´s 12 days worth of Christmas Day to cope with in the near future. It starts with Christmas Eve day / night / day, which kind of merges with Christmas Day number one at the beach, and continues from there…

5 thoughts on “Halloween Howlers Unlimited

  1. Goodness Heather! No wonder you are knackered. That is a great deal of partying and alcohol to deal with during this holiday season. Then again, sounds like good times were had by everyone. Until the next morning. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! We both feel blessed that we live in such a beautiful place with so many friends around us. We don´t normally drink much at all, so phew!!! Two litres of water per day is more important to my digestive system lol

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes! Contrary to what Brits believe of all Costa Blanca expats, those who sit in a bar all day and get rat assed are but a very, very, small minority,, and miss out on all the innocent fun we all have!

        Liked by 1 person

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