All Tangled Up In Knots

If it´s possible to have pride, joy and mystery in the garden, well here it is.

This enigmatic plant full of Eastern Western promise is just one month old. I don´t have a clue what it´s official name is, so it gets called “that red thing.” Smells beautiful too, but I couldn’t call it “that smelly red thing.” Really. 

Already climbing the balustrade and headed down next to the drive.



Figuratively speaking it provides a weird link to my mission of the day, which I’ve spent tangled up in knots rearranging my Website. {We can rebuild it} to specifications required. Main aim being to get shut of that horrible Archive thing. Built in it was, so I changed the whole template theme.

While sat here I kept looking up at “the red thing” which appeared to be a living representation of what I was up to. Difference being it has order and purpose to it’s ramblings, unlike me.

So long may this website grow and flow with the right THEME wherever it resides. Now can I just get on with blogging please?

Apologies if you visited earlier today and this space place looked like a web weed.

4 thoughts on “All Tangled Up In Knots

    1. Oh Susan, don´t ask me to tell you what it is! I could find out though, all it needs is water in the plant pot tray every evening. It doesn´t like the irrigation system at all and requires part shade. There´s so many different plants that flower all year round here. I became a bit of a gardener when we lived at the house in the UK, so it´s been relatively easy to adapt my “skills” lol. Much less hassle here, non of them unwillingly turn to mush!!

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  1. Well done, and you’ve just reminded me a bought a plant recently because it looked so lonely on an empty shelf. Brought it back to life, but,, I think it’s a tree lol


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