The Electrified Christmas Tree

For obvious reasons they don’t do traditional Christmas trees here. However, because there’s millions of palm trees out and about, they get the full works instead. Poor things they must cringe at this time of year even though they look beautiful.

“Lit up like a palm tree.”

The other day I discovered what could be considered a compromise:

The electrified Christmas Tree.

2016-11-07 18.18.24

There it is, hiding behind a palm tree that hasn´t had it´s annual makeover yet. Not a splinter to be found, entirely man made. Puts even a pretty looking fake one to shame, {of which there are many} in both houses and gardens.

No doubt the “electrified Christmas tree” comes at a price. Didn´t get chance to check it out because I was carrying shopping to the car, and walking even further is not an option.

Rough guess: €300.

Ah well, there´s always options, like, oh sod it, I´ll get a fake one and / or dress up the palm tree with LED´s, and / or slap them round the balustrades too.

I´ll never understand why Christmas begins in November. No fussing about for us this year. We´ll be down on the beach sharing coolboxes full of goodies with friends. Oh, and Christmas trees from all over the world.

Last year we barged in on a group of Belgian Father Christmases and, as you can clearly see, there was even a Christmas tree growing out of my head.


2 thoughts on “The Electrified Christmas Tree

  1. I remember when we were living in Phoenix, we used to see quite a few palm trees lit up for Christmas. I actually liked it. That tree looks pretty nice, Heather. Sometimes you have to work with what you have. 😉


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