Writers Block Caused By Website Design

I’ve discovered this phenomenon in the past. If ever I redesigned my Blogspot *say no more about it* Blog it always caused writer´s block lasting several days.

Reason: Self inflicted.


  • Disinterest in daily life. Even putting the washer on, if achieved, would result in SPIN and forget about.
  • Tunnel vision.
  • Double vision.
  • Massive headache.
  • Brain Drain.
  • Replacing orange juice with fizzy drinks.
  • Inability to communicate with anything other than a laptop.

Head Down.


Mixed Outcome:

  • GUILT: Oh my god I put that before anyone or anything for {however long it took}
  • SUCCESS: Smug.
  • ELATION: Mission complete.
  • SOCIAL SKILLS: Return to extremely silly instead of extremely serious.

Yet, the ability to actually write instead of configure takes a couple of days longer. Perhaps relearning the ability to speak without cursing takes priority.

So please excuse if this “place in space” has looked a bit messy over the past few days. After beta testing about 10 WordPress themes, I finally found the right one for me, AND ASIDE FROM INTERNAL INTERNET COMBUSTION  IT´S HERE TO STAY.

Right that´s it, I´ve got to go put the washer on, {remember to remove it´s contents after} and have a shower. We´re meeting up with friends tonight to monitor social skills.

6 thoughts on “Writers Block Caused By Website Design

    1. Thanks for the compliment! Back in the groove now, so you´ve been warned in advance lol


  1. Hi Diane, just signed up by email to your letters, really like the way you write, observation, humour and positive thinking. Lots in common 🙂


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