Writers Block Caused By Website Design

I’ve discovered this phenomenon in the past. If ever I redesigned my Blogspot *say no more about it* Blog it always caused writer´s block lasting several days.

Reason: Self inflicted.


  • Disinterest in daily life. Even putting the washer on, if achieved, would result in SPIN and forget about.
  • Tunnel vision.
  • Double vision.
  • Massive headache.
  • Brain Drain.
  • Replacing orange juice with fizzy drinks.
  • Inability to communicate with anything other than a laptop.

Head Down.


Mixed Outcome:

  • GUILT: Oh my god I put that before anyone or anything for {however long it took}
  • SUCCESS: Smug.
  • ELATION: Mission complete.
  • SOCIAL SKILLS: Return to extremely silly instead of extremely serious.

Yet, the ability to actually write instead of configure takes a couple of days longer. Perhaps relearning the ability to speak without cursing takes priority.

So please excuse if this “place in space” has looked a bit messy over the past few days. After beta testing about 10 WordPress themes, I finally found the right one for me, AND ASIDE FROM INTERNAL INTERNET COMBUSTION  IT´S HERE TO STAY.

Right that´s it, I´ve got to go put the washer on, {remember to remove it´s contents after} and have a shower. We´re meeting up with friends tonight to monitor social skills.

6 thoughts on “Writers Block Caused By Website Design

  1. Hi Diane, just signed up by email to your letters, really like the way you write, observation, humour and positive thinking. Lots in common 🙂


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