This Is What Happens To A Triffid

When left unsupervised without any discipline.

History: For some strange reason, back in April I wrote a featured article about my white lily plant which {at the time} resembled a triffid.

This also led to another featured article about the totally weird cabbage lettuce sat nearby. I was hoping for a free salad.

Present day: It´s all changed. The ex cabbage lettuce is the True Triffid, had me fooled for a while. Excuse repetition but this has to be seen to be believed:

Seven months ago, with friends.

2016-04-17 14.55.16

Breaking news: Re-potted yesterday in it´s own private space, strapped up with SIX FOOT tall garden canes. Bit of luck it hasn´t grown teeth yet.

Not exactly photogenic, it´s stands up straight in real life, so the house across the way there must be subsiding a bit.

2016-11-22 14.23.23

Even worse it´s had a baby.

2016-11-22 14.22.47

Pride of place, it sits at the end of the front terrace along with the likes of not weird palm trees. The odd {or normal} person passing by may stand and wonder, or go into shock, or just plain crumple to the floor laughing. I don´t care, can´t throw it out, so show it off to the mass of people who don’t even know this area exists. Which, other than a few natives amounts to approximately ten persons per year.  

However, a seed of curiosity has been planted. What if,, I open the front door in seven months time to be confronted by a forest and eaten alive?

So has anyone got a clue as to what this “plant thing” is, or even better how to cope with the darn thing?

Answers on a postcard to:

Heather The Botanist, {hasn´t she got a silly name, considering} 32a Skew Gardens, Trauma Unit, Somewhere in Spain.

Kind Regards and all that.

6 thoughts on “This Is What Happens To A Triffid

    1. Oh my god, they’ve granted me Wi-Fi in the trauma unit while I’m busy knitting drip feeds together. Meantime I sit and await a green thumbs up from the Spanish therapist……

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  1. I’ve had that plant for a couple of years now but wasn’t lucky enough to grow it that big. It’s just quietly sitting in a pot not doing anything. Ugh!
    That is lovely! You really must have anything green thumb.
    I forgot it’s name but it is one of the succulent plants I have. When the name comes to me I will write it in your comment box.

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