Red Saturday To Sunday Best

Yesterday we went to sort out the sound system saga. I have to say that MediaMarkt is much more efficient when refunding money, than they are when trying to save you money by stuffing a “bargain” in your face. Weird.

No problem with the likes of clothes, shoes, HANDBAGS etc. Aside from an infestation of moths there’s some great bargains to be had. But with electrical stuff, all they’re interested in is getting shut of old “second generation” stock that won’t budge.

Don’t do it! Stick with your original choice!

So the bank card was happy with it´s unexpected top up, but not for long. We marched straight round to the “sound bar section” and got the one we wanted in the first place. I kept a lookout for the assistant who forced us into buying the “dud,” after all it could’ve turned into an embarrassing situation. Stealth was required.

Dave carried the new one to the checkout through the throngs of people, whilst muttering “Don’t know if I can get this back to the car.”  Would you believe it, the box was almost 4 foot high and weighed a ton.

Meantime the bank card really didn’t want another bashing. Reluctance was obvious, two attempts to rob it again resulted in “card not recognised.” Even written in Spanish there´s no need for guessing words. What the?

I could see the guy behind us looking up to the heavens {more waiting} as he stood there struggling to cope with his own heavy box of tricks. Thankfully the dam card woke up and the third attempt worked. Resistance was futile. Ha Ha. We still reckoned it was a bad omen, three wrong goes with a bank card, never mind being asleep,, it dies till reignited reactivated.

Dave carried our new purchase with difficulty the half mile to the car, no more forgetting where it´s parked,, this time I made a map of where it sat.

When we got home, no more faffing about into the depths of night either, it was carefully plonked on the floor, then “lock up and leave” we went off out for a meal.

So this is how the useless Black Friday ripoff sound bar looked, after unpacking and repacking:

Not a bad job at all, sad but who cares.

2016-11-27 00.06.15

No faffing about to set up the new one, took just twenty minutes. Our 300 watt savvy sound bar now sits in front of the TV, and it ain´t going anywhere!

LG. Life´s Good.

2016-11-28 16.32.18

The sub woofer (not the on screen dog) sits under a table somewhere out of sight, but not out of EARSHOT. I said…

Been rockin and rollin to the 80´s / 90´s Rock channel on Sky TV all afternoon, doors open, sat outside.  I SAID…

2 thoughts on “Red Saturday To Sunday Best

  1. He’s ok. Keeps fit and has a nice set of abs to rely on! Being a bloke he would’ve moaned and groaned by now. Although he did a lot of that at the time! However, he cut his finger the other day, anyone would think he’d broken the darn thing.


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