Mission Impossible Achieved

After babbling on about “Bingo Bungles” last week and how I’ve never won anything but a bottle of drain cleaner. Our second Music Bingo night made the impossible possible. WOW! Would you believe it, I won 28 euros! {Can buy myself another handbag}

My reaction was that of winning 2,800 euros. Very demure of course.

SCORE!! I ran over to Mr Music Guy waving my card in the air. “It´s me, It´s me, I won, I won!!” Round of applause and “well done Heather”  from the crowd.

Then: “Did nobody tell you the bar gets half your winnings Helen?” {This comes from the owner who deliberately calls me Helen. So I deliberately call him Trevor when his real name´s Mike} The answer to his question was a resounding “Bugger off.”

My card was duly checked by Mr Music Man, and proven to be correct. Money collected, it was only fair to do a double courtesy to the truly elated crowd. 


2016-11-24 21.04.22

There´s more to the night itself other than just putting a big X on a card though. Call it history. For each song and corresponding video, memories come flooding back of where you were and even who you were at the time. 

So far I´ve gone through:

  • Not being born at the time.
  • Being brought up listening to Radio 1 as a nipper, even before going to school. I also remember my mum switching it off when the Rolling Stones sang forth. Something to do with “not suitable for children.” A lot´s changed since then.
  • Being a Rebel Rebel on an epic scale in my teenage years.
  • Dancing to Northern Soul at Wigan Casino all-nighters. Gliding along with the full circle skirt at full circle. I was going there age 16 when the age limit was 18+.
  • Disco shake your booty stuff.
  • The really crap silly songs that get stuck in your head like CHIRPY CHIRPY CHEEP CHEEP and YMCA.
  • Serene thoughtful songs with brilliant words and backing.
  • The really good stuff, classic rock, oh yes, still love it now.
  • Coldplay, Snow Patrol, Enigma come in the present day section.
  • Pink Floyd get a section of their own.
  • As does David Bowie.

What makes it even more of a surreal experience is that one of our friends is a walking, talking musical encyclopaedia. I kid ye not he knows everything about:

  • Who sung what, when, why.
  • What year each song was made.
  • Who started off on their own then joined which band.
  • Who started off in a band then went off on their own.
  • Who wrote something then someone else sung it.
  • Who got together to sing a joined up version of one song.
  • Who did a cover version.
  • Who got divorced.
  • Who´s dead and what they died of.

Bless him, he gets so caught up in the facts and figures moment, he forgets to cross off songs on his card.

Well, there you go, just another night out with Heth and Dave.

Oh,, I´d best explain that “Heth” is the shortened version of my real name, and yet another honorary title in circulation. Thankfully I don´t get confused anymore, but I´ve met people who have.

“Sorry, I´ve been calling you Heather all this time, why didn´t you tell me it was Helen?”

“Best ask Trevor over there.”

“Who´s Trevor?”

“The one with the famous tortoise.”

“Oh you mean Mike?”

“Who´s Mike?”

Now that´s what you call clarity.

3 thoughts on “Mission Impossible Achieved

  1. Helen- First of all, congratulations on winning the Music Bingo. Coldplay, Enigma, Floyd, Bowie are all favorites of mine. Yes, YMCA does get stuck in your head. So does Macho Man. I would love to play that game since I am a big fan of trivia. Say hi to Trev for me. 😉


    1. Thanks Helen, it has to be said that the experience rated high in my bucket list which has now been amended. I’ll let Trevor know he’s played a starring role in one of my blog posts and now has followers. Knowing him he’ll want an advert for his bar on here too lol.

      Liked by 1 person

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