You May Have Noticed An Update

I’ve changed my “Site Identity,” well that’s what WordPress calls it. I call it a photo and a sentence.

To this expert daft blogger, Site Identity somewhat refers to My Identity, and it just wasn’t right.

This EX piece of Site Identity is quite correct:


However, already achieved, I´m awake with eyes wide open and Oh! seems much more appropriate. It´s a good word is Oh! all sorts of sentences can spill forth from it.

Underneath {the above} was “Living the expat dream in real life.”

Well ok, yes, but there was no relevance to what “real life,” both in or out of a dream actually means.

Way too vague it had to go, the Site Identity had to change to be more like ME. The joker in the pack, the party girl, my sense of humour, the photo taker.

Oh! also leaves the stage wide open for words of not wisdom, which there always has been and always will be on here.

Note the yuletide theme, the lights around the garden balustrades and balconies were officially switched on last night, and the house itself is now a giant Christmas tree. I sang Christmas carols and Dave did a slow handclap. Meanwhile the neighbours laughed their socks off and dogs started barking, also out of tune.

Never mind, it´s the thought that counts.

So dear reader, like it or not the word Oh! will feature till 6th January when it will have to be taken down else bad luck might set in.

Beyond that I haven´t decided on another word yet. As things stand at the moment, To! It! At! Is! are strong contenders. Might even venture into three letters like The! Yes! And! End! For! Perhaps a full minute´s worth of Brainstorming may be required.

Yes! that is! the! end! for! today. Curtain call.

7 thoughts on “You May Have Noticed An Update

  1. Hi Timi, nice to meet you too, after importing my blog to WordPress, I´m still finding my way round this area of the blogosphere and looking for interesting reads like your own. Glad you enjoy my ramblings and warblings, such compliments make it worthwhile to keep finding time to write 🙂


  2. Hi Lorieb, yes it happens a lot does that, “living life outside the box” might be the cause! For some strange reason I regularly find myself amidst totally bizarre situations too. Oh, hmm.


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