The Corrupt Blog Post

Not corrupt in a Donald Trump kind of nonsense way. This is a different kind of mangled nonsense.

Yesterday I spent three hours writing a very interesting and amusing blog post, it also contained one very silly photo and three very pretty ones.

All that work and it disappeared when I hit save. A final save before “Publish” that never happened. This was a new experience for me, faithful Open Live Writer had been auto-saving in the background throughout, till the point of no return. The worst that´s ever happened before is when it´s forgotten where it originally saved a file on my hard drive. Always given me the chance to copy / paste and create a new file, a problem easily solved. Even that´s only ever happened on four occasions. Not this time though. 

Takes a lot to make me angry, but the house was filled with swear words and Dave wore a sympathetic face. Later on I worked out where the file was stored, and this is what it looks like:

We bought a boat remnants 

I can´t “uncorrupt” THAT.

Rant over, I will attempt to recreate the post again. I was on a finger tapping roll at the time so it´s a toss up as to whether the end result will be as good as. A photographic memory would come in handy at the moment, but such a thing is elusive to me.

So I´ve decided to start with key sentences and take it from there. Bummer.

The heading was “We Bought A New Boat.”

Well there´s something for you to ponder on while I piece together my jigsaw of content.

9 thoughts on “The Corrupt Blog Post

    1. Thanks Paul, yesterday it made me wonder if blogging was really worth the effort. I´m still questioning that fact. But once a writer always a writer, I suppose.

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  1. Dang! How frustrating! I hope you can re-create it to your satisfaction (or at least to your resigned acceptance–lol). Meanwhile I’m stalled on my research paper and blaming it on being sick. Hahaha–anything for an excuse!

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  2. Sounds like you’re having about as much luck as me, another downer that same day was dropping my glasses on the floor and the left side fell off. I mean would you believe it, now I’ve only got one eye that works!


  3. Oh Susan, that “boat we bought” falls slightly short of the truth, it´s complicated!! Will try and RE FINISH it today, but we´re off out to buy some Christmas decorations for humans this aft. Going to a rock concert down at the beach on Friday, everyone´s getting dressed up for the occasion. Might have to buy a red handbag too. Ho Ho Ho!


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