Welcome To Southern Spain On Weather Alert

Anyone up for a beach party?

weather 2 best

That´s us under the big red bit.

Yesterday we were supposed to be going to a music / dance concert down on the beach with friends, but the freak weather was slowly moving in so we abandoned the idea. All change, instead we went out for a meal, then down the local bar, then back to their house for a nightcap drink. A change of plan is no big deal here. Making the decision about where to go is the most difficult part!

The really bad weather settled in overnight and is set to last two days.

Didn´t sleep much because thunder was so LOUD. A bit weird, it didn´t rattle on for ages, sounded more like an explosion every few minutes. Thunder bolts?   

WIND: Gusting up to 80km per hour, can even hear it whistling.

MED: Waves up to 3 metres high.

RAIN: Torrential, it´s broken rainfall records for 30 years in places.

TEMPERATURE: Hasn´t dropped below 14 degrees C, but to us softy´s the wind makes it “feel like” freezing.


Flash flooding is the main danger. Just 25 minutes drive south is in a right old mess, and there´s another day of it to come. Most unusual that a freak weather event lasts longer than a day, even a few hours. The good news is that beyond tomorrow the weather returns to normal, phew.

Stuck indoors with shutters down, it´s clean the house time.

This area of the world just isn´t built to cater for alien forces called rain or wind.

6 thoughts on “Welcome To Southern Spain On Weather Alert

  1. Stay safe, Heather. I lived in CA and AZ in the states. Since they are not used to inclement weather, every time a rain storm hit it was called the storm of the century. I hope it blows over for you.


  2. It really is a big deal here for those exact same reasons Susan! Yes Timi, we’re on lock down, today is even worse, lightening flashes (oh the irony, sunglasses would help) and thunder that’s rattling on for ages. I think the fact that because there´s no such thing as skyscrapers here, big skies are everywhere… Outside of Benny´s Dorm, anything built beyond the 1990´s can only be 3 stories high. Wonderful under normal circumstances, views go on for miles! But not this weekend, the last shopping weekend before Christmas too. I bet Amazon.es is doing a roaring trade!


    1. I don’t normally publish links in a comment, but this is an exception to the rule! Nice post full of detail. Ps, just followed you 🙂


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