Our Giant Christmas Tree House

Photos taken before the heavens opened for two days and the floods hit hard, during which time Christmas was forgotten about. Wish I could´ve got ALL of the house in, but the road isn´t wide enough. Well that´s my excuse.

So here´s the front terrace and front bedroom balcony. Awnings down next to the arches because of the freak weather mayhem moving on in.

2016-12-12 18.33.07

We were off out somewhere at the time, so the car wasn´t parked on the drive where it belongs. Thought I´d kept it away from the limelight, nice reflection though! 

2016-12-12 18.30.48

2016-12-12 18.31.49

My little mini garden for plants that don´t like full sun.

2016-12-12 18.32.26


christmas gate

To our home.

There´s no blue sky to be seen today, but it´s stopped raining, so can we go out now please?

I feel really sorry for those with a massive clean up and repair operation to get started on. Even the local beach we can see from our roof terrace is in a mess, three metre high waves from the Med to blame,, not the deluge of rain. {Re-shared some dramatic videos and photos on Facebook} It´s very difficult to believe it´s the Spanish Costas, just ten minutes drive away from here is like a disaster zone, as are many other places. 

Thankfully it´s all quietened down now, we´re situated three kilometres back (and uphill) from the coast. So the worst it got was stacked up garden furniture being unstacked by the wind, and soaked by the rain. Now you know why we put the canopy´s down, in theory sitting outside is a dry but not cosy option!

When the thunder and lightening finally buggered off last night, we could still hear the raging surf of the angry Med in the distance.

On the positive side, the last time howling gales, thunder, lightening, and flooding occurred on such a grand scale was over 30 years ago.

Let´s hope it means another record breaking year for warm hot sun. In recent years it´s been consecutively breaking the previous year`s record!

So in true Christmas spirit let´s get it over and done with ASAP.

5 thoughts on “Our Giant Christmas Tree House

  1. Thanks Susan and Amanda, there was a bonus, the heavy rain cleaned all the terraces of sand for us!!! Gleaming tiles with no mop and bucket required! Yey!


  2. Thanks Timi, all Dave´s work not mine! As for the storm, the local councils are all having to add tons of sand to the beaches, it got washed away. Hundreds of miles to cover, sounds like an impossible task but it will have to be done.


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