The Sun Won The Battle Of The Skies

Eventually, and in spectacular style normal service has been resumed.

Yesterday we actually ventured OUT. Of course two days of drama weather was a massive talking point. Even amongst strangers. The Spanish guy at the petrol station told us he´d sat around in his “onesie” for two days watching movies on TV. I´ve mentioned before how everything shuts down, add petrol stations to the list.

Not a problem when everything necessary becomes not necessary. We were all so glad the electric didn´t go off. Imagine that, stuck in the house with no TV, no WiFi, nightmare. Kitchen appliances and lighting issues pale into comparison.

I just knew the sun was still alive, so I did a little “photo diary day” after the curtain was lifted. A toned down yet highly respectful 22 degrees C from the big yellow thing.

2016-12-20 13.02.12

2016-12-20 12.41.06

From the rooftop conservatory looking left.

2016-12-20 13.32.44

Looking right.

2016-12-20 13.33.12

From the roof terrace.

2016-03-02 17.17.18

Sundown at precisely 6pm, from stood in a car park!

2016-12-20 17.59.40

2016-12-20 17.58.43

2016-12-20 17.59.52

2016-12-20 18.00.11

2016-12-20 18.00.04

2016-12-20 17.58.35

2016-12-20 18.00.22

A defiant return to normality, full of majestic creativity.

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