Life Is A Beach

When people say “Happy Christmas” to each other, it has a traditional meaning. Family and friends gathered together, a Christmas tree in the corner, lots of presents, silly games, and general good fun.

Here in Spain is much the same, except there´s an added bonus to take into consideration, an extra layer of fun provided by WARM SUN.

Before we moved to Spain, the thought of spending Christmas Day on a beautiful beach, with friends and families from all over the world was not something even imaginable. Was such an alien scenario even possible? A dream that couldn´t ever live up to, or match tradition?


Champers in the sun, a cool 30 degrees C. Our group´s “chosen spot” close to our very posh local hotel. After a while everyone sort of merges into next door´s “chosen spot” and beyond, food gets passed round between anyone from anywhere. There´s some interesting variations!

2016-12-25 11.46.09

2016-12-25 11.46.47

2016-12-25 11.47.15

2016-12-25 12.16.50

2016-12-25 12.18.19

Spanish band playing Christmas carols surrounded by quite an audience!

2016-12-25 12.19.11

2016-12-25 12.22.20

Spot the drone in the air, focused in on the band for a while. Down low and up high it was flying over us for hours. Video footage will be posted on YouTube, I was going to add a link but it´s not up there yet. They must be editing out all the bits where I was waving and shouting “HELLO MUM!”  

2016-12-25 12.22.51

2016-12-25 12.24.15

2016-12-25 12.26.49

Closer to the sea is reserved for the kids.

2016-12-25 12.30.56

2016-12-25 12.31.51

2016-12-25 12.31.39

And those who don´t sea see it very often.

2016-12-25 12.30.42

2016-12-25 12.30.52

Spot the yacht.

2016-12-25 12.31.22

The BBQ behind us. There were only about a hundred going on.

2016-12-25 12.47.48

Not a cross word to be heard, and a we all left the beach as pristine as we found it.

Every Christmas Day this is our norm.

PS: There´s a Spanish family live down the road. The guy is a musician and he´s sat outside playing a tribute to George Michael who died yesterday. RIP George, your music lives on.

3 thoughts on “Life Is A Beach

  1. Hi Susan, hope you had a lovely Christmas. Yes Christmas on the beach with friends is very special, the first year we went there bordered on surreal. I remember asking myself if this was really happening!


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