I´ve mentioned Trevor the comedian before, his real name is Mick. Setting confusion aside it´s all quite simple really, he insists on calling me Helen when I´m not a Helen. So there´s good reason to call him Trevor isn´t there? Yes it all makes perfect nonsense sense indeed.

Decision made, he deserves a blog post all of his own. If it were remotely possible for me to remember any of his hilarious jokes this blog would turn into a Bible. Furthermore, you have to be there when he tells them, words can´t equal facial expression. 

So here´s a photo of our good friend Trevor being extremely serious for once.

2016-12-08 21.40.20

Taken last night at an also very serious Christmas Day party, except it was 24 hours later.

So there you go, a brief tribute to our Trevor who can rival Peter Kay anytime. Fame, fortune, and a good PA agent not required. Clown costume, yes.

PS: Helen wrote this not me.

2 thoughts on “Trevor

  1. Guaranteed! Here´s one I do remember! A bloke sat in a bar notices two Irish guys on a grass verge by the side of the road, one digs a hole and the other one fills it in straight after. They carry on down the road doing this for quite some time, carefully measuring out where each hole should be dug — then carefully filling it in. Eventually, the guy in the bar watching goes over and asks “What you doing this for, bit daft isn´t it?”
    Answer: “The guy who plants the trees, well it´s his day off work.”


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