Nine Hours To Go

At some point within this week, the blogger’s nightmare occurs.

Those four little words “MY YEAR IN REVIEW” can easily cause brain overload, and with just nine hours before 2017 takes off (here) I’m late to the party. Nothing new there then.

While sitting staring at the screen, choosing the best post for each month is a daunting task. Even worse, each month in my calendar has several different contenders for top spot, well,, to me they do.

Makes me feel beholden to do this because everyone else does? Well there´s a thought.

Last year I went back through the archives posting one photo per each month. This particular method posed several painful problems to overcome.

a) Trawling through the blog archives.

b) Trawling through my photo archives to find the corresponding photos.

c) It turned into two blog posts, there was no choice.

d) It was a right royal pain in the ass.

So this year I´m going to break the rules of blogging and post 12 links in one post. I might do a brief summary for each one, haven´t decided yet. Makes it easier for both me and my reader, if Google´s bots don´t approve, they can bugger off.

WARNING: This lot could well take until January 2018 to wander through. Forget the good old “E reader” I´ve unwittingly invented a new concept:

The Link Book.” A novel way of reading.

{My autograph is now on sale, I´ll send you a link}

TITLE: “2016. My best bits of the best bits”

There´s a lot of best bits to choose from when living in Spain:

January: We´ll start off with what could be a dream, except with eyes wide open, it´s real.

February: I almost made my way into Swarovski for a Valentines diamond fest.

March: A rural Spanish village puts up with four nutters for the day.

April: The aerobatic display, without any aircraft involved.

May: Well there has to be two links for this month, both gobsmackingly awesome.

Part One.

Part Two.

June: Our posh new car posing by the Med.

July: Gravity issues.

August: Dangerous drama.

Part One.

Part Two.

September: Handsome hunk or what? Sorry, got distracted for a moment, it´s supposed to be about the paperwork farce.

October: One of our son´s came to visit and blasted the hell out of a go-kart.

November: Halloween lasted three days. Hence why this was written in November.

December: Well number one would have to be Christmas day at the beach in the warm sun with friends. But I´ve just posted all that, so I chose something else. Nothing to do with Christmas at all but never mind.

Back end link encore: Here´s why New Year Resolutions should be banned.

So there you go, if you´re still alive, 12 links turned into 15 because my first Link Book had to be Bankable a Blockbuster.

Last but not least here´s my Christmas Crocus.

2016-12-31 16.36.41

Which is now a:




{Don´t forget the compost}

There, my last blog post of 2016, pressing enter to exit NOW.

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