Is Your New Years Day A Pleasant One?

Or are you still inebriated somewhere on a scale of one to ten?

In reality, New Years Day itself is dedicated to drinking Paracetamol cocktails. Consequently the majority of the world´s population starts the first day of each new year taking drugs. Looking on the bright side, things can only get better.

The principle of cause and effect has a lot to answer for even when it´s self induced. However, on New Year´s Eve the hand cannot be held responsible for repeatedly lifting a glass of alcohol and aiming it somewhere close to the mouth. So we´re all free of blame.

Good evening.

2017-01-01 00.23.40

For the first time in my life I discovered why some bottles of champagne are more costly than others. The expensive stuff doesn´t present symptoms such as a line of pain across the forehead, a truly weird taste in the mouth, or the need to throw up.

Must be why you never see posh people pissed as farts even though they are. “Haw Haw, tally ho old bean! You must come round for dinna sometime.” {Spoken sincerely but not meant sincerely} Sod that.

So at last night´s party we were presented with FREE exclusive champers. When placed on the table (next to whatever else you´re drinking) it would be extremely rude to refuse, so we didn´t. Fortunately none of us transformed into snotty nosed snobs either.

Then there´s something else to take into consideration, as Brits in Spain we get TWO New Year´s Eve celebrations. We all join in with the Spanish one, then there´s the Brit one an hour later.

“Should old acquaintance be forgot” {stood in a circle, hands together, legs in the air} gets another airing in 60 minutes time. “I´m sure I´ve met you before but forgot where.”

However, all did not go as planned, with only a million TV channels to choose from we successfully managed to find a Spanish Sport channel, but not the News. Even a Spanish couple tried and failed.

So there we were, each sat with a bowl of 12 grapes ready for the countdown that never happened. We still knocked them back while watching a very boring cycling event take place. The Madrid and Barcelona fireworks siesta fiesta went unseen.

{The grape connection is a Spanish thing, they count down from twelve, and shove twelve grapes in their mouth with each second} GULP. God forbid if they forgot to buy the seedless variety.

2016-12-31 23.50.35

Anyway, I got some very not good photos of the BBC News24 version happening in London.

2017-01-01 01.04.26

2017-01-01 01.03.56

2017-01-01 01.06.07

2017-01-01 01.06.29

2017-01-01 01.10.38

2017-01-01 01.10.50

We finally arrived home at 4am this morning……….

When we got up 10 hours later there were no ill effects to report. I´m beginning to wonder if posh bubbly contains flavoured Paracetamol with a built in time release system.

So yes, our own personal New Year´s Day has been a very pleasant one, except half of it was spent in bed ASLEEP. Call it the minimalist effect.

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