Oh! Caught With The Christmas Crackers Down

We took the Christmas decorations down today in advance of bad luck setting in.

Personally I think the twinkly white lights round our front terrace should become a permanent fixture. But Dave wouldn’t listen to any of that, even a good half hour long sulk didn’t work. However an agreement was reached, and those down the side of the house are still hanging around. Good.

I remember the British version of post Christmas decoration boredom and how what was a WOW turns into UGH. Apathy sets in and separating trash from “what to save for next year” turns into a truly uplifting experience, before getting the hoover out.

Lifting the burden early and removing decorations inside is fully understandable. Getting shut of the tree, tinsel, baubles, and various naff adornments hung on walls. Phew.

Here in Spain it’s vice versa, they don’t overdo stuffing the house with mountains of mix and match colour schemes. They bung it all outside instead, even fake Christmas trees full of lights find themselves sat next to the real palm variety,, also adorned with lights.

January 6th is Three Kings Day, a second Christmas for the kids. Consequently Spain is exempt from a January 6th time limit. The next day or beyond will do, without the bad luck thing settling in. Besides, when you live here being late for everything is a necessity, no stress required.

When a Christmas garden makeover process takes place, there’s no such thing as a big fat 7 foot tall Father Christmas / Rudolf / sledge / elves sat in the garden causing light pollution. Instead, fake trees, real trees, balustrades, and terraces are lit up like subtle candles. The boredom factor doesn’t creep in, neither do bits fall off anything.

Some people even leave the not multi-coloured white lights up for a couple of months, simply because without the Christmas influence, they look pretty whatever time of year. Aww, so there’s no need to swipe away EVERYTHING is there?

I´m really glad we came to a compromise and left some up, the total irony being, they look like snow flakes.

Now you may be wondering how the word Oh! is associated with this blog post? At the beginning of December, in true Christmas spirit I changed my “WordPress site identity header image” to: 

2016-11-25 18.31.23

BUT, being as today has been our crackers down day. It meant that this beautiful festive Oh! had to go, except there´s a problem, I´ve grown quite fond of it.  

In addition, the word Oh comes in very useful at the beginning of a sentence, I´d guess about 70% of quality sentences could start with Oh.

Or even END in Oh.

So without further ado, I´ve created my own Oh! Which now resides at the top of each page on here. I hope you can appreciate the work and effort involved.

The word Oh! has evolved.

2 thoughts on “Oh! Caught With The Christmas Crackers Down

  1. Funny but the past two years we have skipped putting decorations up. I guess we haven’t been in the holiday mood so we don’t have to worry about tearing them down. I love the OH, Heather. You hold on to that for as long as you need to!


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