My Devious Laptop

I´m getting lazy about doing anything to educate it these days.

Before I retired early, my working life revolved around creating, fixing, diagnosing, and restoring computer network systems. I love a challenge and enjoyed my job for many years. Yet during the last couple of those years at the keyboard, burnout wasn’t far away and I knew it.

The challenge turned into a burden.

Job satisfaction turned into begrudging drudgery.

I’d had enough, and got a lucky opportunity to step off the treadmill before brain drain set in. I didn’t need to work anymore and embraced a future life outside the lines, totally immune to mundane restrictions I could never go back to. Life is better than wonderful in my adopted country.

Maintaining two laptops and various other Wi Fi enabled devices scattered around the house is easy. Simple, and problems are rare.

However, I was greeted with this today:

wifi report

Not good at all. A blue screen in Windows 10 rectified itself on start up, but not very well according to the above error report. Scrolling down, there were other complications listed. My laptop called “Butterfly” couldn´t fly anymore. Sniff.

An afternoon of reluctant diagnoses and software repair was awaiting.

To be honest, I´ve been aware of a niggle with it for a few weeks now. It never went offline at all, the root cause was elsewhere, in power saving options. Close the lid without shutting down first and all hell let loose. It thought “sleep mode” meant never wake me up again mode.

Time after time I used the virtual equivalent of a sticking plaster, a temporary repair / kick up the ass because it might just work long term. Should´ve known better, but this ex computer nerd really couldn´t be bothered getting “under the hood” unless ABSOLUTELY necessary.

With this error I had no choice. What purpose does any computer serve when it won´t go online? It couldn´t even “see” any Wi Fi to connect to. Marvellous.

So I started off at root cause which I knew would create a daisy chain effect of interlinked problems, and sure enough it did. Even though it still worked at lightening speed, I discovered several minor software issues, not related, till the final straw broke.

Several hours later I´d worked through them all. The treatment was a success and my loopy laptop recovered. There must be a hard drive in my brain somewhere that stores everything I´ve ever learned. Thankfully I don´t even know it exists, till a rare emergency situation like this occurs.

To be fair it was my own fault for ignoring tell tale signs. I have no excuse except “not major, couldn´t be bothered.”

Well now that´s sorted, I hope Butterfly understands the situation and learns a lesson from it. However in this case it works both ways, dear Butterfly has been teaching ME a lesson of a very different kind for quite some time:

This is a Spanish laptop with Windows 10, set up to use ENGLISH. No problem, except I keep the keyboard set to Spanish else the likes of {brackets} don´t appear on screen. Try finding the @ sign when it´s set to English and there´s just a blank space to look at.

However, over the past few months the SPANISH version of Windows has slowly infiltrated. Baffled at first, I realised it´s because updates are in SPANISH. What the mighty Microsoft servers see is a SPANISH laptop in Spain, sod any language barrier. Even Google likes to play at silly buggers, in order to send a Gmail email I´ve had to learn the likes of:

  • Busqueda
  • Bandeja de entrada
  • Cuentas
  • Barradores
  • Enviados

To be fair I could change some of it back to English. But it´s a language learning tool to take advantage of, even though it´s a pain in the bum.

Conclusion: This is a truly weird case file of human versus computer getting even with each other.

6 thoughts on “My Devious Laptop

  1. Yes, it can be the hard at times to make the computer work. Good that your brain can solve the problems to make the laptop work again. I would have gone for external help to make it work again.

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  2. ugh Windows! I never did upgrade my desktop from Win 7 to Win 10 and still have zero desire to. I’m waiting for this desktop to die so I can replace it with a new Mac but the downside to doing that is having to pay the “Apple tax” and I’m hesitant to do that as well.


  3. Technology. Unfortunately we have to live with it, much to our chagrin, Heather. So annoying, yet so necessary if we want to do anything remotely creative like blog or work on a story or something. Maybe your lappy just needed a break. He was tired.


  4. You could be right Sue, perhaps it was sending a message. It has to put up with me and my warblings, almost feel sorry for the darn thing!


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