A Quote From Before The Graveyard

How literally uplifting.

2017-01-08 22.06.58

No, not for me. I´m going to be scattered in the Med, mingling with dolphins not beer barrels.

The joke quote hung sat on the wall of a Ukrainian run bar, full of northern Europeans, with ref to some grotty pub in England. Work that out.

We were all there for a two year old´s birthday party, full of very much alive adult kids, none of whom ever intend to visit the Nag´s Head place of rest and retribution. 

2017-01-08 19.59.53

2017-01-08 20.00.04

2017-01-08 21.16.28

2017-01-08 19.59.49

Happy birthday Anya!

Probably spelt her name wrong but it´s the thought that counts.

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