This Is Where We Live

Somebody asked me where exactly do you live?

So I thought, there´s no better way to answer that question other than viewing the place through the eyes of a Drone up in the sky.

This is home.

Ola mum!

One of many spectacular photos I´ve taken, from a playa you´ve just seen.


With my feet firmly planted on the sand.


Question answered.

4 thoughts on “This Is Where We Live

  1. Certainly is! In summer 36 degrees C in the shade = off the scale in direct sun sometimes. I remember once, we went for a walk in 50+ it´s do-able with water, sunglasses, sunscreen, and hat. Except I´d had a shower beforehand, left conditioner in my hair and forgot my cap… My head began to fry lol. Lesson learned!

    That kind of temperature is wonderful, except don’t sit still or sunbathe in it! Staying in the shade of 36 is the best option, there’s shade to be found wherever you go.


    1. Hi Seenorway, I have a little saying which I’ve written about on here a couple of times. “Live by the rules of the sun, and the sun will look after you.” It works too!

      It’s holidaymakers who pay the price of ignorance. In their efforts to “show off their tan back home” they forget about the white holes (and damage) blisters leave behind!! I once said to a walking lobster “Have you looked in a mirror and seen how red raw your back is?” Answer “Oh it´s ok, we´re going down to the beach later.” !!! Oops..

      I will certainly take a peak at your photos, seems like you love sunsets as do I. They´re scattered about my blog amidst “big sky” and “spectacular views”.

      Aside from the photos, I “focus” on the satirical side of life living in Spain. There´s a lot of content in that lol 🙂


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