Oh No! There´s Snow On The Costa Blanca!

It was forecast rain, but the temperature plummeted overnight, just three degrees in places! Hence it fell as snow. This “latest” freak weather event covers the WHOLE of Spain, not just the mountains, and it´s even invaded the tip of Africa.

Only three weeks ago we endured what was named the “Super Storm.” Oh please give us a break weather god, we thought everything was back to normal after that.

This morning I came downstairs, looked out the window and went into shock mode. A few simple innocent words were uttered: “WHAT THE F*CK! Dave come and look at this!”

Bear in mind it must have snowed heavily overnight and then turned to rain. Not being early risers we thought that was it, well no it wasn’t.

2017-01-18 11.57.35

2017-01-18 11.57.57

Still peeing down and there´s more to come in the next couple of days, snow & rain, just rain, just snow, nobody knows. Which means I may be stuck in the house, reminiscing and blogging about what it was like just a few days ago.

This is a photo of the closest beach to us, taken this morning. The same one where we sat basking in the sun on Christmas Day.

snow la zenia

Photo courtesy of Costa Blanca News.

Quick comparison.

2016-12-25 12.31.51

Unbelievable but true!

The Med has turned angry again, and we can hear the crashing waves from stood outside our house. Such weather conditions can be especially hazardous to coastal regions, forecast correctly in advance,, but subject to change till the sun reappears! Schools and even main roads are closed.

Must be getting wise to it now! The (heavy rain at the moment) has prevented us jumping in the car and going to an important appointment this afternoon. The smooth roads are built to withstand heat not cater for rain, cold, and car tyres all at once. (Never mind snow!) Too risky.

Dave´s just seen on the news that a football team from Russia has come here to practice in the warmth of outdoors. Oh dear, they´ve ended up playing at an indoor pitch just like where they came from.

Welcome to the Costa Blanca!

7 thoughts on “Oh No! There´s Snow On The Costa Blanca!

  1. That is a freak storm. It normally doesn’t snow in your part of the Med, correct or anywhere near the Med for that matter? Perhaps you are getting the snow that we should be getting around this time in the states. Where I live the temp has been in the 60’s. Two weeks ago, we had several inches of snow on the ground. I believe the world has gone mad, Heather.

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  2. Yes it’s extremely weird and to this extent unheard of. The last time it snowed on the costa blanca was in the early 1980’s, just a very light dusting of it around Benidorm. Still classed as freak weather, it meant the bums and tits brigade had to keep their clothes on, and their bits hidden for a couple of days!!
    It´s all turned to heavy rain here now, non stop since the snow 2 nights ago, no doubt many places will be flooded. Meantime Greece and Italy are still gripped by snow.
    They reckon the weather front we`ve got started off at the Med coast of east Africa!! Work that out! It doesn´t even make sense! Truly baffling.


  3. Yeh, they reckoned it was a “once in a generation” experience, over a hundred years! It made history, but it could’ve waited till we’d popped our clogs lol. Certainly brought the Med coast to a shocking standstill, people here have never driven their cars in snow! Our car is a convertible and part of the seal on the roof was damaged so it got wet inside, we had to cover it up, will get it sorted in February, repairs to convertible roofs don´t come cheap!
    Looking on the bright side it could´ve been worse, some people tried getting into work on the main road here, and had to abandon their cars. Emergency services did a great job from what I´ve heard.


    1. Welcome to my blog, thankfully freak weather is short lived and the sun always wins for us doesn´t it? 🙂

      Will take a look at your blog later, am busy setting up my Smartphone (Thick phone) for Facebook (Farcebook) at the mo and it´s driving me nuts!


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