Mil Palmeras Just Three Days Ago

This is a rare and truly bizarre occasion indeed, writing a blog post surrounded by sleet, hail, snow, and a temperature of just five degrees C outside, in southern Spain. They´ve even had snow ploughs out, we didn´t know they had any here…

Yesterday was all about spreading the news while still in shock. Today I´m trying to recall in words and pictures what the weather was like just three days ago.

It´s not easy, because while I write this, memories of what we had to put up with in the UK,, the limits “outside elements” imposed on life are temporarily disrupting my brain. Strange as this may sound I still want to go and sit outside! Must be instinctive now.

Oh the irony, if I pretend I´m sat out in the sun and everything´s normal. Going back in time to Monday {amidst withdrawal symptoms} it might be possible to write this post in the style I would have. But these gorgeous photos tell a lie. This beach has been battered and trashed since then.


After a difficult fifteen minutes at the local DIY shop buying some lightbulbs. It was only right and proper to recover from the sheer stress involved by going for a walk, and sitting next to the Med for a few hours.

This is Mil Palmeras, about five kilometres from our house. There´s so many beautiful small playas surrounded by coves here, it´s easy to miss one out! First time we´d visited this one:

2017-01-16 15.53.00

2017-01-16 15.53.08

2017-01-16 15.53.10

2017-01-16 16.02.06

The mountain from under the sea, visible from many places, it´s a nature reserve.

2017-01-16 15.56.31

2017-01-16 16.06.38

Nice spot to sit and ponder.

2017-01-16 16.10.08

After going for a walk it was time to sit outside a beachside restaurant for a cool drink.

Views from where we sat.

2017-01-16 16.36.03

2017-01-16 16.36.31

2017-01-16 16.52.19

Playa by the rules.

2017-01-16 17.41.24

Aside from all the blue flag notifications above. They also do free exercise and yoga classes on the beach, teach roller skating on the promenade, cater for fiestas on the beach, and kids entertainment.

Towards the end of daylight.

2017-01-16 18.07.52


I saw a video of this beach on Facebook yesterday, totally unrecognisable and covered in thick snow. When I took these photo´s, if someone told me what it would look like less than two days later I would´ve thought it was a daft joke.

Since the snow it´s never stopped raining, heavy rain, with thunder and lightening storms spontaneously erupting. They disappear for a few hours then reappear again. The temperature has risen to all of 10 degrees C. Oh wow {she says sarcastically} but there´s still no let up from the rain.  

Consequently we´re now on flood alert, yesterday was an orange warning, and today it´s amber from the Spanish Met Office.

No-one can go anywhere, or venture out in safety whatever colour a warning may be.

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