The Carrot At The End Of A Stick

Hello Sun! 

A very important contribution to quality of life here is that we can rely on the sun to ALWAYS WIN the odd {very odd} weather war in style and grace.

Normal service has been resumed,, after what has officially been called a “once in a generation” event.

2016-12-20 12.40.32

2016-12-20 12.41.02

2016-12-20 13.01.39

2016-12-20 13.02.41

A respectable 15 degrees C in the shade (even though everything in sight is still damp) and all we can hear are the birds singing a LOUD yet beautiful chorus.

Lovely as the peaceful birdsong is, I´ve had “Beautiful Day” by U2 going round in my head all morning, so it´s been blaring out of the soundbar too. Doors wide open, I was playing air guitar on the front terrace when one of my Spanish friends walked past and started dancing in the road.

Proof if any were needed, this is our extremely smiley, quirky, shared version of the norm.

I´ve just switched my own sunny music off, and can now hear other people´s in the distance. When the big yellow thing suddenly appears after three days out of sight, it´s cause for celebration! Any excuse for a party will do here, and this is a big one. Three days of crap weather is far too long.

Minus 3 degrees only happened once, in the early hours when we were tucked up asleep in bed. As a Brit I know it´s impossible to believe that below freezing can only last a few hours, then it´s gone. Snow left behind afterwards, it was still 6 degrees higher in daylight.

My mum asked me how we stayed warm, well believe it or not there´s three different options inside the house to choose from!

a) Air conditioning units are “climate controlled” which means you can have warm / hot air blasting out of them. Set to whatever temperature is required, and to save on electricity they also have thermostats.

b) Low energy flat panel heaters are fixed to the walls in various places, they just blend in and give off a lot of energy.

c) The towel rail heaters in every bathroom have several, and I mean several different heat levels. Each one has a “warm or cool” version of the same temperature. Strange but precise!

Some people even have wood burning stoves! Bit too messy for us though, friends up our road had one fitted, but they´ve never used it.

So basically we´ve kept the temperature up at our preference inside. Rarely required, but saves wearing layers of clothing. We´ve also discovered the house holds the heat in very well when it´s colder outside. Back to front but it works.

Just shows how bad it´s been, we´ve lived here over two years and never had to heat the house up so much. Surprisingly we didn´t need to use the power hungry air con as heaters.

Anyway, that´s enough talk about how to keep warm in a sun drenched country when the place is temporarily not.

It´s now in recovery mode, in January…

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