Ironing Out The Crisis Reaching Beyond The Clouds

The sun hasn´t quite got the sky under full control yet.

As you can see, these clouds are truly harmless yet totally out of formation. 

2016-09-27 19.44.18

2016-09-27 19.44.25

2016-09-27 19.44.42

2016-09-27 19.44.53

The remnants, the rejects, not worthy of the right to remain beyond the storm.

Oh dear, my totally innocent description of those clouds reminds me of the dreaded “Donald TrumpTin Dictatorship.” His warped intentions for humans outside of Trumpton Towers who haven´t become members of his cult.

First on his agenda above anything and everything else is how many people attended his inauguration, and blaming the media for false reporting. Set aside his rhetoric “We will make America great again.” Straightaway he’s dived into “I will make MYSELF greater than before.” Just one day later proof of what he really is, as predicted by anyone with a brain cell. But so soon? I mean he could´ve tried to phase it in slowly.

Wow, {cult followers aside} isn´t that impressive?! Perhaps his fellow psychopaths might understand. I´m clueless. 

Best be careful what I say, state controlled media and abolishing free speech might make bloggers extinct. Sod that, he´s too thick to pick on us, we´d batter him down to size with words alone.

On the subject of state controlled media, way before Brexit happened, it quietly came into force ages ago in the UK. No big announcements required, TV stations are only allowed to report what sounds like the “good bits” of British politics. In reality there aren´t any “good bits” to speak of, it´s all deception and elaboration spoon fed to reporters. Break regulations and the salt mines await.

Us Brits who live elsewhere get the full picture in perspective. The rest of Europe still has free speech and the unelaborated truth is told.

I wonder how many Brits know that “Mrs Maybe” can´t make any new trade deals outside the EU till THE END of the full Brexit process. She tells the public it will take two years, yet she does not know herself.

The political elite on this side of the channel KNOW it´s going to take a lot longer than that. British politics is a thorn in the side of the EU, has been for a long time. The “Maybe” government is an isolated laughing stock. Even so, there´s a lot of sympathy for the average Brit, almost half the population voted to stay in the EU and have to leave. We can all see the elaborated lies and misinformation sold.

Mrs Maybe made a big speech last week about her “plans for Brexit” most of it was waffle about making new trade deals with countries outside Europe. It must have sounded very promising to the Brits. Except she forgot to mention the small matter of nothing coming to fruition till after two, six, however many years a full Brexit takes.

The best she can do in the meantime is go on holiday to various places abroad, agree on trade deals, but can´t implement them,, for years. It´ll look good (allowed on TV) when she sits next to sheik Ali Baba, smiles for the cameras and signs a book.

Except in the coming years, sheik Ali Baba will get fed up waiting and say Baba Bye Bye, he´s had a better deal from President One in Timbuctoo. Legally he´ll be able to do so because her timeline´s expired. That´s an easy one to hide from public consumption, everyone (including ministers) will have forgotten all about it.

Oh, and one other small matter is that as of January 2017, Britain still owes the EU £25 billion, and the EU wants it back… {GAGGING ORDER} Oops, Germany let the cat out of the bag.

So now Mr TrumpTin is a superpower in himself, she´s jumped on the band wagon quick smart to the Whitehouse. First in line for a swift kick up the ass, they can´t talk trade deals, so perhaps they´ll be comparing hairdressers. Have you noticed the similarity with what sits on top of both their heads?

Bad idea Mrs Maybe, he´s allowed you in first for a reason that´s beneficial only to himself. Most likely taking ownership of the UK and making Britain the 51st state of America.

“Well Tu, Teh, Treeza, trust me, I´ll put the GREAT back into li´l old, uh, what´s the place called? Err, I think it begins with a B.”

Sleep walking into the lions den she goes, bestest friends till he turns the screw.

Britain could even end up being the 50th state of America if the Californians get their own way, I hope they do. No doubt the Brits have not been informed about what´s happening there at the moment. The Scottish might get some neat ideas about how to break free from Brexit, or at least RISE UP AND RESIST. How embarrassing for him, the place he originates from voted IN. 

Well there you go, whoever would have thought a few wayward clouds had any connection to political disaster? Even had to rename this blog post.

6 thoughts on “Ironing Out The Crisis Reaching Beyond The Clouds

    1. And lies! On both sides of the Atlantic “We´ll do this, we´ll do that and all our problems will be sorted.” Obvious question which I´ve shouted at the TV many times is “So where you going to get the money from?” There´s another question too, just a simple “HOW?”
      Yes, there´s lots of similarities too, main one being two countries, both divided 50 / 50 in totally opposite directions. I don´t sit in front of the TV all day, but sometimes wish we didn´t get Brit TV here. Watching it in Spanish might make more sense, no, definitely would lol


  1. It´s both countries Susan, Britain and America are engulfed in turmoil and division, for different reasons at the same time.
    Oh, and believe it or not that same weather system we had has now dumped snow on the Sahara desert! We knew it was headed towards Africa, but there of all places! Wow.


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