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Trump Signs Executive Order To Torture The American Flag

Donald Trump´s press secretary spouts forth doom while wearing a sickly grin and a can of hairspray. Bearing witness, the Stars and Stripes behind him crumple beyond repair.

2017-01-24 19.49.52

2017-01-24 19.56.01

Conclusion: He should turn round and listen to the flag, it speaks more sense than he does.

The press secretary´s cult leader reckons he will imprison anyone who burns the American flag in protest. But it appears that the master can water board it without reprisals.

Just to clarify, today the {radical} Tyrant Trump attempted to justify reintroducing torture in America. In his first TV interview he has proven how totally ruthless he is.

Makes Putin look like a pussy cat.

5 thoughts on “Trump Signs Executive Order To Torture The American Flag

  1. Chocolate Muffins, guaranteed safety in numbers lol.
    Oh I don’t care Jim, I hope the orange dictator reads this, he can stick it up the same hole he speaks from.
    While free speech still exists, the best way to get a message to a bully is to observe and mock. No need to rant, let Twitter fanatics take care of that.
    I really must get back to the theme of my blog! Not keen on politics, but there’s nothing like a good old send up when presented with a clanger lol.


  2. Hmmmmm…. I don’t know what putting a LIKE implies….. do I like the idea of that person criminalizing flag burning , or am I just liking the fact that you have just informed us about a stupid idea, thank you very much ? lol To be on the safe side, I didn’t push the LIKE button.


  3. Oh dear, there is no “stupid idea” here, you seem to have missed the point entirely. Oversensitive or defensive? Do you not understand or recognise how “stupid” your leader´s ideas are?
    Exhibit A: He told you Mexico was going to pay for the wall, never said it would be you, the tax payer till he´s in office. When Mexico doesn´t foot the bill at a later date, he´ll blame your financial loss on Mexico. Did you honestly not see that coming?!
    So he has the average person “dear to his heart,” sad thing is he doesn´t know what it´s like to be an average hard working person. He hasn´t got a clue, and the wall is the first indicator of how much he´s going to stuff you up. I´d say get real but it´s too late…….


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