The First Day Of February


The month of hearts, flowers, love, and romance is upon us.

It also represents the start of the big warm up, courtesy of radiance and glory from the yellow thing sat amidst blue sky. It was nudging 28 degrees C under the rays earlier today. Hmm, nice.

Valentines Day this year can´t possibly be worse than last year. We both came down with some kind of mystery virus which turned us into a couple of zombies. This was our first day out after the event, well, both events.

Lovely as the views were, I still had designer jewellery in mind. It´s a rare thing for either of us to be ill, so this year Dave´s took out assurance insurance. It´s the thought that counts, and you can´t put a price on that.

On this first day of February my other half presented me with chocolate teddy bears holding chocolate hearts. I cannot describe how much they´re worth in value to my heart.


2017-02-01 19.27.11

I could say I´m secretly hoping it´ll be a bit like an advent calendar with the next 13 days of presents going up in euros worth.

But no, it doesn´t matter at all, my soulmate came up with this on day one.

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