Car VS Shed

This is a fine example of why an amber warning for WIND ALONE exists in Spain.



I took this photo a few days after the freak once in a century super storm we had in January. Logical reasoning why people reluctantly stayed inside with shutters down.

A couple of windy days lingered even after the storm had passed, and alerts were still in place for blustery gusts alone.

An outdoor lifestyle means the contents of the “outdoor living room” are capable of causing grievous bodily harm. The likes of an unsecured settee and matching chairs can turn into missiles. A fancy BBQ could hit with the force of a train, and small plant pots grow wings. I even watched a deadly gazeebo take off without any warning.

Beyond house and garden the odd palm tree can fall over sideways, and fences surrounding valleys are capable of crashing down into vineyards / orange groves. Or alternatively across a road.

Thankfully houses and buildings are immune,, provided they aren´t in the process of construction!

After the super storm caused havoc to the Costas, it veered across the Med and dropped snow in the Sahara desert. That may sound like one of my jokes, except it really happened.

As an Ex Brit it made me think about the stark weather and infrastructure difference between here and the UK.

99.9% of the year:

British buildings and outdoor spaces of whatever shape or form are built to cater for a bashing from the skies. Inside the garage is home for the likes of outside tables and chairs. Unless made of concrete they´re comfortably usable for but a handful of days per year. Weather conditions are the nation´s favourite topic of conversation.

Spain is built for serenity from the skies. Outdoor living is the norm, furniture in the garden is standard and unusable for but a few hours per year. Warmth and sunshine are guaranteed to be stable, therefore no requirement for gossip. Variable weather is minimal, and does actually get talked about – for about 24 hours afterwards. Just 0.01% of a year. End. The sun reappears from behind the clouds.       

On the weather front, excuse pun, what we were once familiar with is long gone. The super storm here was a brief reminder of what we´re NOT missing.

Just a couple of days later, everything back to normal, here´s a video of our best friend Rob doing a music gig in a car park. 

In case you´re wondering, he does a Phil Collins tribute act on cruise ships all over the world. A couple of weeks ago he was in Thailand, and as I write this he´s in the Caribbean.

When back home in Spain, demand for his talent is high, greater than he´d prefer! With a busy schedule on the high seas, it´s not a priority to perform on dry land, just fun. “Downtime” with his wife and us nutters is much more important.

Valentines Day is an exception, he´s going to be the star act down at Playa Flamenca, and we´ll be there.

Christmas Day at the beach? Valentines Day at the beach next door? Does every special day require the Med to be the venue? Or in view at least? Well, yes, we´re surrounded anyway…

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