X Rated Variations

Don’t get too excited, this blog post has nothing to do with the Kamasutra, so there´s no need to dig the game Twister out of a cupboard to use as an instruction manual.

Last night I noticed how many variations the letter X has when used as a strike-thru. Everyone seems to have their own “trademark” X.

For example:


Going from first to last:

1) Dave has to stretch the X right into each corner where it meets at an almost perfect ninety degree angle.

2) Dawn misses the point entirely and forgets 50% of the X which means only a / is used.

3) My own X is a fairly standard, featureless representation. However, each ninety degree corner must be avoided at all costs.

4) Becky uses an X that (mostly) meets up anywhere within the square, then she slaps an elaborate circle round each one. It matters not if any extremities of the X lie inside or outside the O.    

Does this discovery have any symbolic meaning??? Hope not, else I´m a boring old fart.

We even had a rock star legend with us last night, John *Wardy” Ward, the lead singer in a heavy metal band called Saxon. {Popular in the 1990´s}

Definitely not camera shy.


His own particular method for potential victory was to forget the X completely and use a big pen to stick a dot in the appropriate square. Elated when his raffle ticket was pulled out for “Play your cards right” he flunked it, but never mind.

It´s no big deal nowadays when you´re sat next to an X famous person or even a present day famous person is it? Social media killed autographs years ago.

I once got a big bear hug from James Brown (RIP). We were at a Northern Soul festival in Manchester and he told me what a good dancer I was! Didn´t ask him for his autograph even then, but it´s something I´ll never forget.

Anyway, returning to the letter X for a moment. Some of us have gone to the lengths of buying our own marker pens, because the quiz master never has enough to go round. So we got two posh ones, 99 cents a pair from Aldi…

Problem is we all forget to bung them in handbags or pockets before going out.

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