Acrobatic Clouds

Except they´re man made.

The Spanish equivalent of the Red Arrows out over the Med. Serious training and practice for future coordinated air displays at phenomenal speed.

Great to watch even though it looks random. 




There´s a military airbase twenty minutes drive south of here, and their home resides with the real deal fighter jets.

I´ll never forget the organised air display we watched from afar last year. Miles away from us, big sky meant it was just by chance we noticed. They drew a HUGE pink ribbon in the sky and significance hit home, it took my breath away. Other onlookers, just like us gasped with tears in their eyes.

Later found out for sure, it was a fund raising event for cancer research.


2 thoughts on “Acrobatic Clouds

    1. Aww, I remember our labrador called Ben, {RIP Ben} he used to run and hide under the bed when fireworks went off.

      The air displays here are all flown out at sea by the coast, so there´s hardly any noise except if stood on the beach.

      Just remembered about fireworks, you know those ones that just do a loud BOOM? They´ve been banned in Spain because they sound too much like an explosion. Probably same for other countries too.
      And on that dire note I´ll shut up lol.

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