No Electric

Just one day without power and it made me realise how totally dependant we are, how taken for granted it all is.

Yesterday was “let´s fit the new wall lights we bought for the stairs” {the day before} time.

There´s two fuse boxes, clever clogs Dave knew which one was correct, BUT not which switch was for the lights ONLY. A process of careful elimination began, then stopped.

“Well, looks like I´ll have to switch the whole lot off to be on the safe side.”




So up he went changing lights on the first floor stairway, and later on the second floor stairway. 36 steps total and very high ceilings to cope with, the challenge was on. Thankfully he didn’t fall or break his neck either. {Human bones are not compatible with marble when bashed together}

Meantime I sat here wondering what the hell to do. A quick survey of the garden revealed nothing. No green fingered updates required.

My laptop sat on the side, totally useless without Wi Fi. No point opening the lid without it.

I´ll watch some boring daytime TV! Ding Dong, not possible..

Cleaning! Yes that´s OK! This was in fact a partially plausible idea, I mean dusters still work even if the hoover doesn´t. At first, the option was rejected on the grounds of couldn´t be assed.

I´ll put the washer on! Ding Dong again.

So I went upstairs and did 7K on my exercise bike. After that I opted for cleaning without a hoover, because it was better than staring at walls.

Got me wondering though, subconsciously my brain took a while to get used to the idea. It was still throwing in options that needed juice..

Out with the old. {Daytime photo}


In with the new. {Night time photo, different set of stairs}


Led lights that are too bright to directly look at they come highly recommended. Both sets of stairs are now bathed in bright white light, when it´s dark outside.

No bulbs to change either, they last for 28,000 hours. Well that´ll do nicely, might last longer than me.

6 thoughts on “No Electric

    1. The outcome was worth it Daria, even though I had a moan about it. What really made me think was that my brain cell still offered electrical solutions for a while!


  1. Last summer due to a freak storm, we were without power for 5 days. Yes, I feel your pain, Heather. Of course, it was 100 degrees out, with 200 plus humidity. Like you said, Ding, Dong! No air conditioner. Ah, those are some memories….glad to see your power is back on.

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  2. Wow, that must’ve been difficult to cope with in such heat. It was worth a day without for the pretty end result. Made me realise how much we take electricity for granted though!

    Just think how much fun I could´ve not had putting the washer on…


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