My Valentines Day So Far

Share the love and all that.

We got up this morning, kissed and hugged just like any ordinary day, then exchanged Hallmark cards full of exploding glitter.

Millions of sparkly coloured dots stuck all over the floor, kitchen worktop, my flip flops, between my toes and the end of my nose. Dave escaped the worst of it, but his T shirt didn´t. What a mess to clean up.

Never mind, it’s the thought that counts.

“Here’s your Valentines present” he says, and passes me a bookshelf.


This bookshelf has history. Sat in a corner out of sight, my own eyes wandered to it on a regular basis. A piece of junk, a carbuncle that didn’t match anything we have.

About two years ago I asked Dave to take it down and get shut, except he thought it looked nice. Really?

So last night sometime he must´ve unscrewed it, ready for presentation this morning. Believe me I was elated! At last it could go for recycling, what more could a girl want?  

I thought he´d given in,, turns out he´d slowly changed his mind during those 24 months and also regarded it as a carbuncle.

Never mind, it´s the thought that counts.

Later on I found this email in my inbox, was my bank wishing me Happy Valentines?



Even worse, it´s taken them since Autumn 2016 to create and send…

Never mind, it´s the no thought that doesn´t count.

So Dear Reader, best wishes to you for a more conventional Valentines Day than I´ve had.

Live, Laugh,


Every day of the year.

PS: We´re going to a rock concert tonight. I´ve had a premonition about exploding amplifiers, and an imploding stage.

5 thoughts on “My Valentines Day So Far

  1. Too late Daria, the sparkles are in the bin along with the bookshelf. I wonder if anyone has ever written a sentence like that before, hmm.


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