Valentine´s Day Part Two

Belated sequel:

The remainder of the day improved greatly, the bookshelf was forgotten about, and Dave presented me with this pretty plant.


Which now lives here.


Oh, he´s such a romantic, but typical bloke, won´t admit it!

Later on we went to watch our best friend Rob do his Phil Collins Tribute gig. A Valentines Special at a big restaurant.

Great night, I took loads of photos but my camera phone really didn´t like the lighting, so here´s the best of the bunch.



With his daughter Becky, at the end of the show.


“One more night…”

It was too! We all went out for a meal yesterday, and today he´s off to the far East to perform aboard a cruise ship. He even has a full backing orchestra for his gigs on the high seas.

There´s no talk of fame and fortune while on dry land back home in Spain, no celebrity status act. Just down to earth Rob with his daft sense of humour.

Last night we landed on the subject of who´s first car had the most things wrong with it.

I remember the first time I not gracefully parked myself on the passenger seat of Dave´s car. The “bucket seat” was in fact a collapsed seat which meant I sat on the floor while he hovered about three feet above me. Even worse it was stuck in a fixed position about a foot behind him. We might as well have been in different cars.

Turns out Dawn had to stick her feet up on the dashboard of Rob´s car in order to prevent herself falling through the rusty floor. Remember The Flintstones? She reckoned they could literally have done the running thing.

Then there´s Mike who had a bubble car,, he´s 6 foot five inches tall… Every time he opened the door the gear shift system went with it.

Yes, a good sense of humour is an official requirement for Spanish Residency. They even have a lengthy “Laughing Form” for you to fill in and submit to the Ministry of Silly Jokes…

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